Crash During Mission 05 Cutscene EVERY TIME

UPDATE: I have this exact post in the other forums, steam forums AND as a ticket… you guys should really narrow down how many different avenues of submitting issues people have access to. The ticket has an attached copy of my DxDiag and the output_log.

As stated in the title my game crashes every single time the cutscene plays during mission 05.
Its right when the friendly forces send bombers to assist, right after the part where you see the bombs drop and impact, my whole computer freezes up and my videocard shuts down.
I have a 980ti
I have zero temperature issues
I have only seen this in one other place: Ubisoft games (specifically Watchdogs and Unity which run the same basic graphics engine, but those games usually crash loading the main menu)

I cannot pass this mission, (it happened in mission 3 when attack the enemy carrier as well, but I bypassed it by alt tabbing out of the game until the video ends, I cannot do that here sadly)

I have played hours of skirmish and multiplayer without seeing this error.

I am seeing a very similiar issue, but different side effects. This only occurs in ingame cutscenes - never others, and only this game.

Mission 2 at the begginning ingame cutscene where you first see the sensor package being loaded onto carrier
Mission 6 when the enemy carrier appears. - Also when the enemy carrier is destroyed.

For Edmak, his copy of homeworld crashes - so I assume the exe fails.
For me? The computer POWERS down - like an electricity blackout - straight to black - this is extremely jarring.

Zero temp issues, I also have a 980ti

Attached is output_log, DXDiag, and Furmark/speedfan showing 9 hours of executing at max temp

Output log because forum doesn’t allow uploading info as TXT files for some reason