Crash everytime i enter the Zed lab in Sanctuary

Hello, i was having the “video memory problem” before but somehow i managed to resolve it through ini modification… sigh now i have another problem, when i enter the Zed lab in Sanctuary (or before, the Scooter garage) the game freezes everytime! The rest of the game runs pretty fine (i’m with a new Maya) :frowning:

I’ll assume you’ve already done the “Verify files” thing in steam. There’s a few other things you can try, such as switching to windowed full screen, trying different resolution settings for your graphics card, making sure you have 3rd party chat, overlay, or recording apps disabled (just to reduce the number of variables - if you get it working you can add them back in one at a time.).

One thing I’m noticing is that you may be running into issues with the intro cut-scenes, which will trigger whenever you enter Zed’s, Marcus’, or Scooter’s places in Sanctuary until you advance the relevant missions/side quests. Did you disable cut-scenes at all?


That’s interesting. I disabled mine (in Steam launch options) for a short time but re-enabled them because it caused jarring screen loading : loading the game and fast travel. I can see how it could exacerbate memory issues with cut-scenes.


i will try a few things but no, i haven’t ever disabled intro movies… i was having the problem with Scooter’s intro but i managed to pass it… now the problem is Zed, NOT with the intro (that was fine) but i can’t accept a side mission! Fun fact, i was able to enter the lab before the game activated the side quest soo really i don’t understand. I really think the latest updates to the game broken something on stabily side because before i never had such problems.

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Definetely a problem with cutscenes, another freeze even with Tannis one… Reinstalled the game, i managed to skip them, i will write if i have other freezes

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