Crash game Xbox series s

Hello, i have a series S , we tried to play Borderlands3 coop local 4 players and the game crash really often. Even with only 3 players!! And sometimes we have an error message. OUT OF MEMORY VIDEO…
we tried to lower the resolution to 720p but nothing changes. Impossible to play !!
Somebody knows the problem please?
Thank you

Sadly GBX just haven’t the skills to get this game running as advertised on any Xbox console.

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Thanks for the answer, is it the same with the others borderlands games please? And it suppose with the series x it will works normally, no? And what about the next game TINY TINA, it Will be probably the same problem?
Thanks a lot

Crashes happen on the X and S at about the same rate. Co-op in BL3 is much glitchier than the other series titles - they mostly work as advertised.

As others have said for some reason BL3 is kryptonite to the Microsoft console and @GBX can’t be bothered to fix it since it has released. WIth that said I never have problems running BL1, BL2 or BLTPS on my Xbox1X.

If I was a betting man if @GBX is using the same engine as BL3 for TTW expect the same headaches hence why I will not get it and let others do the paid beta testing this time around.

Best I can tell you is to file a trouble ticket but some of us did that when this game released and still have not gotten a resolution other than “the developers are aware of it and looking into it”