(Crash) HW:R Player vs CPU now crashes after latest patch

Campaign still runs fine, but can not play skirmish vs cpu games after latest patch (Skrmish vs CPU ran fine before the latest patch). Keep getting access violation error when i try to play skirmish on any setting (hw1, hw2, random etc.).

Tried creating new profile, and adjusting settings, but skirmish still crashes.

Yeah same here. It sometimes crashes like 10 minutes into the game as well, which is annoying. This engine seems to be very cantankerous to work on.

You have no idea… Can either of you send me your HWRM.log files after a crash?

Never mind, mine is working now. I’m guessing my crashes were because of me being cheeky and leaving in a mini-mod that I made myself. Once I removed the “-moddatapath MyPatches” from the target line of the HWRM executable, it was back to normal :smiley:

I’m assuming that you don’t want my log file now? Seeing as you explicitly stated that mods made prior to this patch were bound to have issues…

Exactly, I’m fine :wink: If @Major_Stress is still in pain, I really want more info though…

call me stupid, but where would this log file be?

In not running any mods at all. I can run the Both sp campaigns at max settings no problem. Its only in skirmish vs cpu that i get the crash issue. Game will load (progress bar completes), but crashes as soon as its done loading.

I have subscribed mods, but if i dont select them they shouldn’t load correct?

Check in Steam\SteamApps\common\Homeworld\HomeworldRM\Bin\Release\ for HWRm.log

If you have issues, please hit me up with a PM, we might be able to more directly see what your issue is. I know you play often and I certainly don’t want you stuck…

He may be getting major stressed. Huehue

OK its official. I am an idiot.

Verified integrity of HWRM, and now everything works. Despite the fact that nothing was re-downloaded. The verification must have fixed something. Should have done that first. Oh well all is good now.

EDIT: It only worked one time. Crashing again with a vengeance. Did a complete re-install, and skirmish still crashes. BitVenom I sent you all the recent logs, and dump files. The strangest thing is on one of the logs it says my windows 8.1 machine is windows XP

You might want to upgrade to a newer windows.

Already had windows 10 on this rig, but when i ran into the endless reboot loop (known issue now) I got rid of it, and put windows 8.1 back on it. I may re-install 10 after they fix the damn thing, but in its present state it is worse that 8


Apparently there is a particularly nasty bug in the game. BitVenom is on it :slight_smile:

I think we found/killed it - will report back on timing of a patch… should be very fast.


Thank you! The Aug 20 patch fixed the issue. Haven’t crashed yet in any skirmish vs cpu game since.

Yup! That ‘rare crash’ in the release notes could have been labeled ‘A crash only reported by Major_Stress’. :wink:

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