Crash Issues - PSVita

Dear Gearbox,
Would you like to explain why there’s no plan to fix the crashing issue this port has? Everything is ok as it is, but crashing is just unbearable

It belongs in a different section, tech support.

First of all, it’s a PS Vita, what did you expect.
Second of all, there is a good chance they can’t really do anything to help it, it would take a lot of time and even money to do anything about it, if possible.

Does it happen often? If so, is it specific maps and items that cause it?
Does it bug out, or does PS Vita get really confused with all the stuff going on and just freezes?

There is no tech support section for the ps vita. It is fine here.

Oh, interesting.

As someone else already stated there is no such section for PSVita Borderlands players, which doesn’t even surprise me that much seeing as how the game is being threated technically talking, anyway.

As a customer who bought their product (sadly enough i wasn’t aware of the problems when i first bought it) i expected a product that could at least be fully playable in it’s flawed state, we have bugs and frame drops, and that doesn’t even concern me that much, but crashes are game breaking issues that needs to be fixed. And it’s sad that someone even writes such a sentence like “what did you expect”, because that is a stupid claiming only a stupid person would do, no offense intended but that is the truth. Would you buy a broken watch, or an iPhone which comes already with a cracked screen, battery issues and other hypothetical flaws? I guess not. I hope so at least.

If there is no chance to fix it then why even release it at first? It is nothing more then a scam move from them in my opinion, and i’m surprised no one has filled a sue against them because, honestly, they would deserve it.

It does happens often, at least to me, randomly, coudn’t tell if if it’s something triggering it, such as items or maps as you said.
I don’t know that too, but still honestly talking, how can i care to start checking where the problems come from, when it’s something they had to do? I can do it actually i know, but it’s useless, i don’t have the knowledge to fix it anyway, it is only them that can do something about it.

The funny part is that Sony grappled on this game too, releasing a PSVita Bundle edition with Borderlands 2, as it was a console selling game, which is not when people then start to play it and really see what it is.

And i’m tired of seeing comments like yours, or people saying: if you don’t like it then don’t play it, because those are stupid claims too. I payed for it, and i deserve as a customer, a fix to make it playable.

I hope somewhen in the future (hopefully near future) they’ll do something about it, because the game has potential and it’s a great experience to have on the go, but not on it’s current state.


Listen here, know it all. Don’t you insult me if you have no idea what you are talking about.
Gearbox didn’t scam anyone, your ignorance is incredible. I disagree with some of Gearbox’s actions, but creating a game for people to enjoy is not “scamming” anyone. They tried, the game works, it’s still got all the good stuff, the game was not crippled and pretty much no content was removed.

Before insulting people, at least know what the hell you are talking about.

The reason I said

is because it is a console that clearly has issues playing games like BL2, my xbox freezes too in multiplayer, if that makes you feel any better. This game is arguably on of the best in the world, and Gearbox tried their hardest to recreate it on a console with very limited capabilities.

Don’t come on here insulting Gearbox over something as pathetic as that, and don’t insult people trying to help you.

Majority of games like COD get crippled A LOT when made on inferior consoles. And guess what, no-one sues them.

For example BO3 that is going to be on old gen. consoles is going to have no campaighn, less multiplayer, less zombies, pretty much most of the game is lost…


Also, what a great way of asking them to fix something.

If you think I’m being a little rude to you, well I’m just talking in the same way as you.

And as for PS Vita, it should have been clear that gameplay of a game as big as BL2 would be a little glitchy at times.
And it’s a inferior console, I have a PSP, a PS Vita is basically the same, just slightly improved in some ways. When it froze or corrupted some save files, I knew that it was bound to happen at some point. They are tiny little game consoles, do you really expect them to be as good as a PC or Xbox?
I understand your frustration, but I’m not surprised all of those things are happening, and your attitude makes me not care about your gaming experience any more.

Ok, ok, let’s stay cool here please guys.

@gaetaniandrea93 have you contacted support and reported your issue to them?

Sorry, I just felt like I had to defend Gearbox right there.

@krieg_crazy first of all, i said: “that is a stupid claiming only a stupid person would do, no offense intended but that is the truth.” so i don’t actually understands how can you still be offended by such comment on your and that of many others point of view, i did not say something like: Krieg you are stupid, i’m not that kind of guy that insults over the internet someone who i barely know, i just tought that kind of sentence is not a smart way to think over some problems, in my way. The whole point of our conversation is about that “enjoy” you talk about, which is different for everyone, i’m not enjoying it, and in my opinion it is a scam because they pretended the game worked, they released it and no one was informed at launch that: “Hey folks, we are releasing BL2 on PSVita, but it’s flawed, crashes and framerate kinda gets low sometimes, if you still wanna buy it, do it!”, i coudn’t care less for less DLC than other consoles, i coudn’t care for graphics, because THOSE are the PSVita limitations, but sendings us a product with so many others flaws it’s not a smart and just move in any way and it’s a limitation on their part, not on the console, i pose you a question again, would you as a developer, try and develop GTA5 for Nintendo 3DS, because everyone should enjoy it, finding then it is impossible to port it in a way it gives the game justice? Again, i doubt you would release it.

I’m not insulting GearBox either, i’m just speaking the truth about their work and effort on this title, if they are so keen on making this even tough it has flaws, because of the enjoy everyone should have, then they should at least get the time to fix what they created, if they care, i’m not asking for a fix tomorrow, but something like: “we are working on it and we’ll try our best to fix the crashes in the future” would be something for me. Patch 1.08 it’s not even to be counted on the game performance fix, because it is just an adaptation to the latest Sony PSVita Firmware, which increase the MB avaible for developers, nothing more, frame rate is slighty better, but the rest is still flawed. I don’t play COD, i’m sorry so i don’t know about it, i tryed the PSVita version of COD, and even tough the number content is equal to 0 compared to console multiplayer version, i still enjoyed that because i could freely play it at it’s fullest, in PSVita BL2 i’m scared to shoot too much, getting ammo in the stores, or heal myself, because opening a menu just adds to the chance it crashes, to me at least, so now, how can this be called enjoy? It’s stressing.

About your BO3 example, as you stated, before it’s release we already know that it’ll have less features then other consoles, so people still have choices to buy it or not, depending if that is an issue for them or not, BL2 PSVita users, had not a choice because they were fooled with little information about game running status.

I’m not asking indeed, i’m kind of pretending, speaking for lot of users here and there across the world which, for your surprise, are upset at this situation because they love the game as much as you do.

Not thinking you’re being rude in any way, and not thinking i’ve been to you.

“glitchy at times” really doesn’t describe the actual situation, for my experience at least.
I did not expect Vita to be a portable PS3, i expected a game released for PSVita to decently run without stops. It’s your attitude that actually leaves me speechless to be honest, but we have different point of views it seems. I thank you anyway for your support and help, but it seems we are on different way of thinking and i respect your decision if you don’t wanna support me in any way.

I’d also like to apologize to you for sounding rude to you, also i’m sorry if you felt offended by my post, that wasn’t clearly my objective with it.

@JoeKGBX i did couple months ago, reported to sony too if that could help, but nothing changed since then. i’m honestly and sincerely as chill as i could be :slight_smile:

Ok guys, let’s discuss the game and not each other. Let’s just move on and get back on topic, please.

Well, I gave you a piece of my mind about what you said to me, so I couldn’t care less about this argument we had, I am just going to forget it.

Surely it doesn’t crash that frequently? Also, the point you said about BO3 players being warned is really fair, I’ll admit that.

But how do you expect Gearbox to fix the issues you listed?
I don’t see anything they can do really, That is most likely why there is no PS Vita tech support, they might just have nothing they can do about the issues.

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That is exactly what i was trying to say. If nothing can be done, then it means the PSVita had never been technically capable of running BL2, then why plan a release anyway? This game port failed to reach the minimum required things a porting deserve. Should have never existed in my opinion, it’s a real bad move from them in any way you see it, and that’s why i’m pretending this is a scam. I bet they are gamers in some way, if they are part of the gaming industry; i bet they played through some runs to see how smooth it was, still they dropped this down.

It’s sad for them, it’s sad for us.

They seem to be bad at testing things sometimes. A lot of weapons in BL2 make me wonder how they got through into the game.

I have nothing else I can say really, I can’t help you in any way.

No problem, i’m glad of how we settled, it almost seems by the last post that you actually understand my point of view a little, which i’m also glad if it’s the case :slight_smile:

Still hoping @JoeKGBX can tell us something more of his point of view, to [quote=“JoeKGBX, post:10, topic:1034288”]
discuss the game and not each other.

Sorry to add onto this discussion but I wanted to have something confirmed or cleared up a bit if that is possible.

The crash issues are really quite an annoyance (I use the word ‘annoyance’ as what I really want to say cannot be put I here)
In many ways I completely understand that playing the game on a vita might come with some bugs etc but the fact that the crashing has not even be sort of addressed does grate on me a little. There has been an update fairly recently and I have now been suffering more crashes than previously. There are also other issues that have appeared as well…
I play as Zero and whenever I now use the deception thing my attackers become pretty much transparent to the point that it is no longer giving any tangable advantage to the game.

My question I guess is: can anyone confirm that there might be something being done about the crashes? And after the recent update will there be another to help some of the newer bugs that have cropped up?

Any help would be very much appreciated, even if it is to say that there is not a single soul working on the game. At least by knowing I can accept it and move on. It’s not exactly going to stop me playing the game I just want to get as much enjoyment out of it as possible.


Apparently, the Vita doesn’t get any hotfixes or anything else due to “complications”. So I just switched to pc version.

i deleted BL2 months ago because i couldn’t even play it offline. had i known the Vita had soooooooooo many issues,i’d have never wasted $200. Look up Vita issues, the results r endless.

the answer 2 your question is ‘greed’(and the best lawyers $$ can buy)