Crash Multiplayer - Other player - Frontend

(Pascal.A - Director at Phoenix Interactive) #1


We have a problem with the demo of Stargate Space Conflict.

When a player launch an online game, sometimes the other players crash (not the one who host) with an unknown issue that occurs at FrontEnd. We don’t have any info about the issue.

Any idea about solution ? :slight_smile:


(Sastrei) #2

Sounds like a UI file is missing. Does the Stargate mod crash without the additional download being installed? If so, sounds like one of the players has the extra content and the other doesn’t.

(Pascal.A - Director at Phoenix Interactive) #3

Actually, the only things adding externally is the animatics patch, because .big can’t contain this.

I try to add Frontmap.lua to local, because some problem, in the classic, causes by the frontmap.lua missing, but now is added to mod with front folder of UI, but not working … And error send just “Access Violation” …*

But probably the overridebigfile still in my data folder …

(Pascal.A - Director at Phoenix Interactive) #4

So i try without my Override file in Data, and same issue.

Frontend > Crash < (Access Violation)

But if i host game, other player don’t have frontend crash …
It is really strange.

(Hero Crafter 1987 (Homeworld Universal Conquest Mod)) #5

I am having this same issue when I try to load up a skirmish game.