Crash possibly involving Cold War

I play Wilhelm and I mostly use lasers. I recently came into the possession of a Maliwan shock blaster. I shot at a Lost Legion guy at Vorago Solitude and the game hung. This happened also with a Firestarta at Regolith Range firing at scavs. The fact that both weapons cause status effects makes me think the crash bug has to do with status effects and Cold War reacting badly. I’m using a Celestial Enforcer COM, if that helps.

I’ve always noticed that ice tends to “freeze” gameplay a little, especially when shattering with RoboPunch.

I use Cold War and whilst the game does get frame rate issues with cryo (x360), I have never had the game crash because of it.

Never noticed that issue myself (I’m on PC), but I wouldn’t be surprised if some lag or freezing occurred every so often while using Cold War. I mean, in a big battle the game’s already having to rapidly calculate a lot damage, usually on multiple enemies simultaneously; now add a skill that gives a random chance of converting one DOT into another DOT, both of which are doing independent amounts of damage, again sometimes to a bunch of enemies at once… I’m not making excuses if Cold War is the cause of your problem, but that honestly doesn’t surprise me at all.