Crash to desktop when accessing vending machines "too early"

This has been happening a lot recently, when I load into a map and run over to the nearby vending machines, sometimes just being near them crashes the game. Other times interacting with them is what causes the crash.

Just now I traveled to Sanctuary and ran to the vending machines by Marcus, crashed as soon as I got near the Ammo machine.

I thought I had captured a screenshot of the error message/window that popped up, but of course Epic had to ■■■■ with me and not let the screen capture happen via print screen button. Oh well.

Happens to me if I am using the “sprint” button on my approach as the Item of the day tries to load.

I can replicate a similar crash by sliding into the portal in the first section of Vaulthalla to cross the divide to the arena entrance.

Now I let up on sprint earlier, and won’t slide into portals.

This is one of four screenshots that show the same exception error. All are taken in proximity of a vending machine. (No sense in uploading the repeats, unless requested.)

Yes, that’s not a bug, it’s a feature. I had to learn to not rush the vendor (or slide into the Vaulthalla portals) to prevent it.

Pretty sure it’s a function of the RNG for the vendors and the mechanics of sprinting being in conflict. I have a similar experience when running and entering a vehicle, but it doesn’t crash, but comes very very close as the game drops to like .5 FPS, nearly stops, and then recovers.