Crashed 3 times today, please fix it gearbox

As the the title suggests, my game has crashed 3 times today, twice just before a cartel underboss or some badasses spawned & once while i was sorting my loot, the cartel ones happened afew minutes apart, while the loot sorting crash happened a couple of hours after, so what’s the go, Is it because of the hotfixes or did gearbox screw something up?

Sorry to hear about your experience but as you have already seen on this forum you are certainly not alone in having issues with this game in the least. This game has caused nothing but issues since it released and some of us have been waiting since then for a proper fix and as you can tell that has yet to happen. If you haven’t, submit a trouble ticket through 2k and go from there is about the best I can offer but…and here is the catch…if/when 2k tells you that they can not resolve it and they forward it on to the developers you can pretty much consider it over and not going anywhere, just fair warning trust me. The best @GBX will do on these forums for you will give you the standard cut and paste answers we have been getting since the game came out Sept 2019…

“We’re aware of it”


“We’re looking into it”