Crashed after intro scene, now won't launch

When i first started, i got the msg stating they run DX11 and will use DX12 from next run on. Got to the intro scene after wich my computer rebooted.

Then the first run with DX12 it set all the graphic settings, again got to intro scene after wich my computer rebooted. After this i think i got it to the intro scene and reboot once more, before not launching anymore at all. When i try to launch it, it has the small icon up on screen indicating its trying to launch, my CPU usage gets to ~90% and it wont go further then that.

I am well above minimum settings according to the CanYouRunIt website, and i have just today updated my graphics and cpu drivers.

Any tips?

i changed the directX back to DX11 in options.ini, now i can launch but i wont make it till after the intro scene anymore. FPS capped at 60 btw

Posting your system specs will help as a start.

Dxdiag / Speccy
Uploaded graphics card, CPU and bios today. No luck yet.

Sometimes these “Can I run it” sites can be a bit optimistic, I’ve not built a gaming PC for a while but at first glance your CPU and GPU are around 5 years old and that Radeon was the low end of the series when it came out.

The type of crash you are seeing would seem to suggest the GPU is maxed and the CPU is trying to pick up the slack but not managing.

Someone more up to date than myself may swing by but for me the hardware can’t really handle the game by the looks of it , sorry about that.

Thats what i was afraid of, the CPU and GPU reach very high usage percentages when i try to launch it/during the intro