Crashes / Freezing after mayhem 2.0 update

I only got 2 crashes/freezes on BL3 since launch. But after the mayhem 2.0 update i play about 20min and my PC freezes. The only way of getting out of the crash is force restarting my computer.
I tried lowering my graphics to minimum but it didnt help.
My pc is kinda old but it is good.
16gb ram
970 gtx


no cryo explosive weapons, specifically do not use the cryo boom sickle. that is an insta crash for me.

This screenshot is exactly what happens to me. if you are in a heavy fire fight BACK UP.

nearly all of my crashes happen when close in to an enemy and either a cryo explosion or multiple element effects. also if you have cryo applied to you and your screen is frosted, it may be best just to fast travel to the nearest point backwards.

all this garbo started happening Friday afternoon when they implemented the static sound hotfix.

I"m back to playing, just avoiding cryo and heavy explosion encounters like the plague.

thats a wonderful thing to hear for a zane with stnl cryo weapons, i m gonna level up my fl4k then.


sorry, that sucks. but it’s the only consistent thing I can find.

I play moze and like it up close and personal, it wrecks my playstyle

I kept crashing consistently while trying out Winters Drone/Boomsday for SNTL.
I had brainfreeze aswell ( Havent tested if that is an issue though )

Not using those, though still abusing the might of Yellowcake - has kept me in game for now.

My bro couldn’t finished a single Takedown on Amara since update, may be the cryo thing, I’ll let him know and we’ll test.

Ive been getting this too! I play on xbox and after playing for about 5 minutes, my sound will start getting extremely choppy and laggy, so i try save quitting and it crashes. This has happened like 5 times already in just a couple hours. And the sound bug happens everytime i load in a map after about 5 minutes. This is making it borderline unplayable for me PLEASE FIX THIS GEARBOX

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Same here. Have crashed 3 times so far with Amara and all in the new Villa area. The crash is a hard crash which making the screen go black and weird noises constantly until I reset the computer. I’ve had a few crashes in the past, but today’s crashes have met the sum total of all crashes prior to this patch. May wait a week or 2 to see if GB will do something other than the disable cartel feature they already added.

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I am right too. Me and my friend have been trying to play and everytime he is doing something it just crashes on him. Like we have disabled the new event to try to fix it nothing. Yesterday he was unable to hear because the sound got choppy and so bad that he said it sounded like a jet plane starting up right next to him. Today he was unable to even play. His game would start up and he would move around setting everything up then bam straight dashboard.

[PC] Can’t play more than 5/10min since the last patch. No problems before. I tried chaos 10, 9, 6… Low graphics setup… The game just crash and crash again…

Same here can’t play more than 10 min since the last patch especially in maliwan takedown.This game needs a fix ASAP.

no joke. it seems to happen at closer ranges with my cryo boom sickle more often than not.

have you had anything that seems to be consistent when it happens?

I too have had a lot of random crashes since mayhem 2.0(BL3 on steam). The random crashes seem to be about 15 to 20 minutes apart-give or take 5 to 10 minutes. Some fights regardless of weapons or characters will crash(Tyreen for example). It doesn’t seem to be specific to Zane, Flack, or Moze, I have crashes with all 3. But I have noticed that with the “chain gang” modifier the crashes are way more frequent. Before patch I doubt I had a total of five crashes. For those wondering yes my drivers are all up to date along with win 10. -1060 6gb/16 gig mem/I5 3.4Hz no over-clock.

That’s almost identical to my rig, except i only have 8 gb of system memory.

For me, it happen during fights with many enemies and lot of FX effects. i tought it’s a memory pb cause i have 8gb, but many of other players have 16g + and the same issues…

Agree with most players here after patch the delay and buffering it has getting in and out of menus and to add insult to injury me and my wife cant play couch co-OP with our game freezing and crashing our entire play through of the cartel event having us start all over and losing equipment we picked up in run

Most of my crashes are happening with sniper rifle zoom. More than one model. It’s crashing a lot. Updated video drivers. Still crashing. Changed graphics settings to Low. Still crashing. I have been playing a lot for a couple weeks and BL3 would crash occasionally. Since the Mayhem patch the game is crash city. I’m at Carnivora (inside once it’s disabled) and it is crashing every time I try playing and sniping. GTX 1060 3GB here. 16GB memory. Win 10. Core i5

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This discussion should probably be separated into its own thread, because the original post is a month old and regarded the previous patch that came out with DLC2.

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Merged into a more relevant thread.

If you’re reporting crashes can you please specific whether you’re running cartels or not and which mayhem level/modifiers you had? With two events launching simultaneously - both of which are going to kick CPU and GPU load up from base game - it would be helpful to see if there are specific combinations that are more likely to be associated with a crash.

My game crashed after a couple of kills without cartel active. Using a cryo anarchy on mayhem 6. Mayhem 4, cartel active, same cryo anarchy, no crashes so far. Cool that I can still play, sucks that I can’t farm the mayhem locked items…