Crashes on Consoles - Support Tickets

I’ve already posted about issues with the new patch in several other places. I am making this thread to facilitate a specific effort, by console players, to push Gearbox to address the fact that for many of us the new patch has destabilized the game so badly that it is unplayable.

I strongly encourage anyone who has encountered crashes, sound distortion, and frame rate slowdowns since application of the patch to submit a support ticket to 2K.

The more of these they receive, the more likely it is that our concerns will be taken seriously.

The following is a copy of the description I wrote for the support ticket I submitted to 2K.

Many are reporting similar issues, but it could not hurt to be as specific as possible in the descriptions you provide in your support tickets.

After application of the major game update released on 4/23, the following three issues occurred several times (all in solo play):

  • During gameplay, the sound became distorted - it sounded like a record skipping and being played at a slower-than-intended speed.
  • The game repeatedly crashed and some progress was lost.
  • The frame rate appeared to slow so that the game’s visuals became very ragged and jittery.

I want to be clear that I’m not doing this because I want to hassle or bother anyone, either at 2K or GBX. I’m doing this because the game is so unstable that it is unplayable. I’m not angry and trying to vent my spleen; I am deeply disappointed and trying to seek a prompt solution.

Anecdotal reports in this thread and elsewhere seem to suggest that the presence of modifiers involving drones seem to cause these issues to arise more frequently. These are unconfirmed reports, of course, but there are enough of them that until GBX provides an official response, consider re-rolling if you have any Mayhem modifiers involving drones.

There seems to be a consensus that some of the current problems are symptoms of the game suffering from “memory leak.”

It is not easy for players to address this as it results from errors in programming.

@Crinklec112 was the first to mention this specifically (in this thread, anyway); @sixpackstl and @GrfxGawd in particular have also contributed a more thorough discussion of the memory leak issue below.

See This post for some things the player can try to mitigate memory leak, but be aware that the solution is likely to be partial and/or temporary. This is an issue with the way the game runs, not with your machine.

EDIT 3: Some sources may suggest that your issues are related to overheating. Reports of consoles actually getting hot, though, are inconsistent at best.

This appears to be a more frequent reported problem on Xbox 1 X. Many 1X players report having their consoles completely shut down while playing, but the heat level of their machines seems normal.

“Overheating” seems to be a catch-all troubleshooting suggestion. It may be worth ensuring that your machine isn’t overheating (no one wants their console to die), but it seems like for most people this is not the root cause of crashes and performance issues. Be prepared to seek other solutions.


Submitted a ticket, since I haven’t been able to complete the villa even once :roll_eyes:


@j_r_hicks87 I don’t think a ‘cut and paste’ approach is necessarily the best way to go. Detailed reports of specific instances are better. That’s more time consuming, obviously, but more useful in terms of getting a resolution.


Submitted a ticket. Also requested consideration of an extension to the duration of the limited time event. Can’t see this being a quick hotfix unfortunately. Fingers crossed :eyes:


Also submitted to 2k earlier… I just can’t comprehend the fact why they didn’t see these issues. Pffffff…


The static crackling noise is crazy when stnl is out, so no Zane til thats fixed :confused:Sounds like the apocalypse, and ow boy… the lag on co-op is real


Doing gods work.

The residual sound thing made me drop Boundary Issues right off. If you die while the beam is damaging you it introduces a distorted version overlapping all normal game sounds and even sounds like gushing water while you move through the NewU wormhole. Ive had one instance of framerate drops during combat, my aiming was affected to the tune of jumping 90° in either direction, lasted til I save quit. Haven’t had a problem since but if I run the Boundary Issues modifier its going to wreck the sound.

Ps4 Slim CUH-2202


There’s so many bugs that it’s just ridiculous. 2K support is TERRIBLE though. I’ve been trying to work with them on the Amara crashing issue and they’re clueless.


Agreed with all issues. My girlfriend and I are having the performance issues, the frame drops, the frequent crashes. We actually completed a couples runs at the villa on M4 without too many issues. We cranked it up to M5, planning to go gradually. I was host, and I had one crash, so she started hosting. Then she started having issues. We played separately and the problems kept getting worse. I gave up and went back to FF7R. She proceeded to have an agonizing hour of super low frame rate, not being able to even phaselock enemies. She crashed twice. At that point she announced she was done with the game until they undid whatever happened in the patch to cause these problems.

Frustrating, since this update lined up with our days off of work. She got up in the middle of the “night” (we work 3rd shift) to start our downloads so we could play when we woke. We’re both big fans of the game, as we were with 1 and 2. Day 1 players. Hope they work it out. I can put up with some occasional issues. She won’t. When she had a ton of problems with getting in and out of iron bear some months back she quit for weeks. Lately, she had this issue with Amara getting stuck in the ground after a fast travel. She was hoping this update would address that. Now she has lag and crashes to deal with. Think I may have lost her again as part of my fire team.

Hope this feedback helps.


My game keeps crashing in villa ultraviolet for some reason. I usually expect crashes when the ground is littered with legendaries but that’s not my case atm


Attempted to run a couple mobs in Devil’s Razor on split screen last night. First run the audio glitched out badly. Sounded like a stuttering delayed echo that kept stacking on itself. Second attempt the game froze and crashed on the last enemy in the area. The lag and stuttering was bad the whole way through. Way worse than normal on split screen.

Tried solo after that and had some freezing and suttering, but I was able to run the villa once before I decided to spend the rest of my evening playing the science game on sanctuary.

Edit: Running M6 on an Xbox 1s


Same here… unfortunately im done with the cartel event, unless they fix it… im lucky if i can kill joey without getting kicked out of the game, and when i dpes crash, ive lost loot on the ground, " not mailed either"… stuff out of my inventory… my pets name went back yo default… idk i really like the 2.0 and events. But this is very sad, that counsel players have to either deal with it, of do something else…


I tried playing on Zane this morning. I’ve never had a crash with him before. Went to Konrad’s Hold to farm SMGs and after about 10 minutes the whole game crashed.

At this point I’m completely infuriated with GBX and this game. I love BL3 but they’ve ruined it with the buggy mess that they keep dishing out to us.


Now I cannot finish one single takedown without crashing at the bridge section…
It’s becoming frustrating…
Even if I complete the villa quest I cannot fast travel back to Sanctuary because the game will crash and the objective to kill the boss won’t update…

Update, don’t use ranger drones modifier and the game won’t crash anymore. Works for me at least.


This is a joke. Submit tickets? DO they play test these patches at all?!?!?! How are we finding these things within 10 minutes of a patch going live and the PROFESSIONAL programmers can’t?

If i was this bad at my job I’d be fired, if the product I sold kept breaking and everytime I sent some to your house to fix it I made the problem worse, you would DEMAND your money back and get it.

Why is this acceptable in the game industry? I will not buy the next BL. I don’t care how great the game is. This steaming pile of bugs and crashes just shows how little they care about this game or how inept their play testers are. Oh wait, we are the idiots paying to beta test the game.

How are we still suffering from bugs that were in the game on launch day? You have ruined one of the best if not the best game franchise ever. CONGRATUATIONS.


I guess I agree with @Psychichazard not to just copy-paste. Specifics might help gearbox figure out how to fix the problem(s).

To that end I’ll say that my crashes and sound distortions occurred in multiple locations -Ascension Bluff, Villa, and Meridian Outskirts.

There appeared to be a high likelihood of these issues arising when an anointed enemy appeared, but the only enemies I was facing during the crash in Outskirts were some Ratch (Ratches? Whatever).

At some point tonight I might try to play a bit on M4 or 5 with different modifiers. We’ll see if the performance issues continue to occur, but I’m not optimistic.


Lol I see what you did there.

Personally I’m not even bothering with anything other than the cartel challenges on low mayhem as best I can with these issues. Would much rather farm mobs anywhere other than Pandora. Way too many anointed for my taste.


I like the event on Pandora but yea, all of the anointeds are a PITA. Seems like I get 2-3 with every group that I clear.


Game has always run awful on consoles. At this point I expect it to just keep getting worse as they add more and more complex enemies and graphic effects.

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I have always had issues on split-screen. They seem worse in Circles of Slaughter because of all the items on the ground, but those issues were minor by comparison.

I have an original XB1 and I would get a solo crash at most like once a month, if that.

This is worse. A lot worse.