Crashes on PS4 - corrupted save files

Since I started playing after the launch, Battleborn crashed several
times (about 4-5 times) on my PS4, mostly at the end of rounds (story
and multiplayer).

After re-starting the game after the last crash, I got an in-game
message stating that my save files are corrupted and that they need to
be overwritten with the standard settings.

Now some of my progress seems to be lost, since I have to play the
Prologue again, although the game history shows all the rounds I’ve
played (including the completed Prologue) and my rank is almost 3.

Same issue here… so frustrating.

Just happened to me my first game against bots after prologue. Now stuck watching the long starting cuts cent again. It was bad as the first time but I’m gonna be pissed if it keeps corrupting.

Just happened to me still level 71 now waiting for a long ass video hopefully my unlocks stay i had 2 master characters and 28k credits saved

Had to delete my save files three times now. The only thing that it has affected, for me, is making me replay the prologue. Everything else is fine and seems to be handled by the server. I have not seen any online based save system on PS4 have any issues. So while it was annoying to constantly replay the prologue, I feel safe with my other progress.