Crashing 3 different pc's

I’ve never had to much of a problem running the game. I don’t know if it’s since the last update or not but I have 3 machines and they all crash at random times sometimes an hour sometimes 15 minutes or even 5 hours. I have 2 laptops a Omen with an i7 8750-h 32gig ram and a 1070, an msi with an i5 9500h 16gigs of ram and a 1660ti. And my desktop a 2700x with 16gigs and a 5700xt. So that’s a fairly wide range of hardware. I never had a problem before has anyone else experienced the same thing recently?

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did you try with performance settings ?, i use volumetric fog off and screen space reflextion medium and i have no crash
Also i read you need to be on directx11 if you have a nvidia graphic card below rtx series, i dont know for radeon card