Crashing again!

Don’t know why this is still happening, but I’m guessing it’s just like I said before, big companies never seems to care about stability over pushing new content and money.

I just experienced another crash, this time after using Mission Skip with Moze in the Droughts. Sent crash log through again. For a product I paid money for, I’m so disappointed in the daily crashes I keep experiencing. Haven’t been able to go a single gaming session without at least one crash, and my friends are experiencing the same thing too.

Maybe before throwing out new content, work on the damn stability! That’s all gamers ever ask for and it’s something big companies never do, maybe break the trend and be the first! Would gain you a lot of respect. But then again, nobody ever seems to care about respect over money nowadays.

Crashed again, this time after loading into Knotty Peak at Eden-6. When are we getting a stability fix?

And a second time loading into the same spot. This is getting painful. Off to spend 15 minutes verifying the game >.>

Mine crashed 3 times last night in PS4 . About the 5th time it’s happened, I’ve posted it on the forums and emailed the ticket to Gearbox

I’m still getting crashes aswell, but I did notice that my CPU temp was overheating and that was causing alot of crashes for me. I found out one of my fan anchors was loose and caused my thermal paste to tear away a bit from my cpu and with the games taxing toll of cpu use was crashing my cpu and thus causing my video drivers to crash aswell. I’ve replaced the fan with something stronger and high end thermal paste. This has fixed some issues for me constantly crashing (game still crashes, just less often). Try using Speedfan or similar diagnostic tool to see whats causing the crashes.