Crashing and pure virtual function message on Xbox series s

Is anyone getting the pure virtual function message pop up then as soon as you click continue the game crashes and goes back to dashboard. I spoke to the Microsoft community and they advised me to clear the cache, reset the console but keep game and apps and I’ve done both but nothing is working. I’ve even tried not playing in 4K thinking it would make a difference but still get the message and then crashes. I did uninstall the game and reinstall the game and I didn’t get the message but only played for about 2 minutes and then crashed again. Booted up after the crash and got that message again. If anyone else knows how to fix this please let me know

I have these as well - I suspect it’s not playing nicely with an Xbox’s Instant Resume feature or something like that.

Annoying thing is that it does not happen ALL the time, only sometimes. Hard to diagnose…

I suspect CharmlessBee may be right. I’d turn off Instant Resume for BL3, dump the game’s temp data (but not the game or save files), do a power reset, and see if that clears up any lingering problems.

Thank you for the replies. I will try turning off the instant resume now and clearing the cache again. Hopefully it will work as I really miss playing bl3

I’ve just tried what you have suggested but still having the same issue. The pure virtual message didn’t pop up but only played for about 5 minutes this time and it crashed. Are they gonna be fixing this issue

Sorry, no idea what’s on the agenda/timetable bugfix-wise. All you can do at this point is open a support ticket in case they have some additional steps you could try.

Thank you, I will try this now and hopefully they will be able to help me out. I didn’t have any issues on my Xbox one x and once I got the series s I didn’t get any issues for agars then the crashing started and that message which kept causing the game to crash

So tried the support ticket and got no where. From what I’ve been reading they have given up on borderlands 3 and started working of wonderland so no point even trying anymore

You won’t get any real response, it’s been brought up by many players it gets defended or you’ll get the reply they know about it and are looking into it hopefully you can still play.