Crashing, crashing and more crashing!

I am aware of similar posts but they are months old so thought I’d make a new one.

So the game just crashed 3 times in a row, after loading into The Splinterlands and mid way through driving to Carnivora, then while I was at the catch-a-ride near the entrance, then just while I was standing there after loading in. Did a verify and going to check if that fixed it but this is just a dismal amount of crashing.

This is just the cherry on top though, myself and 3 other friends of mine all play regularly, and at least once a day, at least one of us crashes. This has been happening since release. I have never in recent years experienced so many game crashes from one game, Indie games I’ve played are more stable than this. Your testing team needs to get their sh** together. Hopefully before you go releasing more content, you’ll work on the stability, but most big companies never do that, so feels senseless hoping for it.

We all run pretty recent rigs and every time it crashes we send the reports on through, but patches have happened with no real change to stability. The crashes are not always the same either, sometimes it’s been loading into sanctuary while on a friends game, sometimes it’s been mid fight in any location, sometimes it’s while joining a friends game, sometimes it’s while just sitting still on Sanctuary, once was after a respec, once was while gambling at Moxxi’s and lost me a legendary class mod. This most recent one was mid driving in The Splinterlands. There has been so many variables to crashes that it’s mind boggling how this got through any kind of Quality Assurance, if that’s a thing for games.

There’s nothing you could do right now for me, I know that, this is more a point/post of “please fix this soon”, I’d really like to go a day without myself or one of my friends crashing…

Just crashed a 4th time mid way through the approach to the Twin Gods part of the campaign, this is getting tiresome :confused:

I have been experiencing the same thing, but I am in the midst of a testing cycle, and this is my third time thru, and it could be random, but there also might be a pattern to it.

IF I delete the shaders (in appdata), AND delete the borderlands3.exe and verify files, the frequency of crashes seem to go down, that is, it runs for a longer time than usual then at some point it crashes, and from then on in the frequency increases

I have tried this 3 times now, and there seems to be a pattern, or it might just be random ■■■■.

As to what crashes the engine, there is no pattern. I can be shooting like hell, ■■■■ happening all over the place, or I can be clicking an NPC, opening a vendor, opening a menu .

I didnt crash very often in DX11 but I havent tried that for a while, and Id rather not revert.

But next step is to at least test if the crashes happen in DX11 as well.

TLDR; Pretty sure the shader cache gets borked for some unknown reason.

But yeah its really bad, and it has gotten worse. Way worse.

Ive tried everything, and actually Ive completely changed all my hardware since launch, gradually, and I still crash.


Forgot to add. If I have ANYTHING running in the brackground that creates a notification, steam, discord, teams: The INSTANT a popup occurs, even if its just in the background (sometimes I loose focus, and it pops over the game for some weird reason, never happens in other games), the game crashes too, same exception.