Crashing deletes save file

I’m creating this to open a discussion regarding this issue. Because, according to Google searches and other forum discussions, I am not the only one having this issue. Borderlands 2 crashes while game play is active. The game has crashed both while saving AND not saving and the result was the same. The result is that I lose my saved game file. This happens during offline and online game play.

Sony Playstation 3 40gb
Model: CECHH01
Manufactured: November 2007
Digital Download of Boderlands 2
DLC Season Pass

There is not a certain point during gameplay that triggers the crash. By crash, that means my PS3 shuts off. When it shuts off, the power light blinks red. To turn the PS3 back on I have to hold my finger on the power button for 1 second, doing so makes the power light go solid just like a normal powered down PS3. By touching the power icon the PS3 turns on. I am then informed by the PS3 that it was not shut down properly and have to hit X to proceed. On the next screen I am given the option to have the PS3 attempt to recover any files that may be lost or the option to ignore the recovery. Both options have given me the same result in not being able to recover my saved game file.

Being technologically inclined my first assumption that the PS3 is overheating. If it was a Personal Computer I would pop the case off and clean it. Since this is not a Personal Computer, and the first step that would need to be done is to remove Warranty Seal to access the security screw. Removing the Seal would make me liable, which I don’t have a problem with doing especially since my PS3 is out of Warranty. But the Seal is there for a purpose and if I remove the Seal I want to be told to do so by Sony Playstation Support or GearBox Software. But I did not give up on attempting to troubleshoot my assumption of overheating. I used a full medium sized canister of compressed air in every spot that allowed access to the internal components. This did not resolve the issue. I then tried, what is referred to as, the fan test. The theory behind that fan test is that the high speed of the fan will blow out dust. There was not any dust being visibly blown out like in some videos I have seen. This did not resolve the issue. Next, I tried by controlling the temperature of the environment by putting the PS3 in a mini-fridge and maintained a temperature of 70F degrees. This did not resolve the issue. Thus ends my assumption that the issue is overheating.

Next I tried playing another game, (game title doesn’t matter), for a total of 2 hours and didn’t have any crashes.

I have tried different power cables, original and un-official brands. This did not resolve the issue.
I have tried different HDMI cables, original and un-official brands. This did not resolve the issue.
I have tried different televisions. This did not resolve the issue.

What I have learned:
Gearbox Ticket Support states they aren’t responsible for the issue and will not re-issue my original save file. And Positive and Proactive Resolution is not high on their Policies and Procedure Scope.
Cross-Saving constantly will keep me from losing everything, but since this is a manual step I still continue to lose game time. I would have to quit and cross-save every time I finish a zone or get loot.

All I want is my game to stop crashing and my original save file restored. Is that too much to ask? For something that I paid for and spent time on.

And yet I keep playing and buying your products. I think that is called a Loyal Customer…

  1. Gearbox can’t re-issue your save file because they never had a copy; saves are local and are not stored on any external server that Gearbox has access to.
  2. Gearbox can’t tell you to break the warranty seal on your PS3; they didn’t design it, didn’t manufacturer it, etc. Sony probably wouldn’t in case you did something like have it plugged in and powered on when you cracked the case open and you ended up being injured - they likely don’t want to be held liable for something they have no control over. If it’s out of warranty, though, there’s no particular reason not to take a look if you are competent enough to at least take it apart safely and reassemble it afterwards. Or, you could find a local repair shop that would look at it for you.
  3. I’ve had BL2 crash on me only once on my XBox, during a particularly intense mob fight with lots of visual effects going off (also on-line co-op). I don’t have a PS3, but I know that the game can push both systems pretty hard, especially with multi-player. To be a fair test of the hardware, you’d need to be playing something with the same level of effects (including on-screen characters, weapons, particle and atmospheric effects, etc.)
  4. It is also possible that it is a disk issue: either with your hard drive (if the game is installed) or the game disk. This would obviously not show up while playing a different game. If you installed the game to the hard drive, you can try deleting and re-installing; if playing off a game disk, see if you can borrow someone else’s to determine if the problem persists. You could also try using your game disk on a different PS3 to try and determine if a flaw in the media is to blame.

I wish I could give you a simple fix for your problem, but there isn’t one. I can only wish you good luck in finding a solution. Please don’t be too hard on the tier 1 support guys though - there is only so much they can do, and trying to diagnose the problems you describe via text or phone conversation is not at all easy.

Edit: just realised you said a digital download - if it’s corrupt or incomplete, that could cause the problems you’re describing. Did you delete/re-download yet?

  1. If saves are local how come my badass rank didn’t disappear when my save did? If saves are local why can’t I enter in the SHiFT codes that were redeemed on that save?

  2. I’ll open it up and clean it then.

  3. Isn’t that the concept of a Platform Console? Limitations based on the consoles components? I’m all for pushing the envelope on graphics. But based on how willingly and loosely you mentioned graphic intensity makes it appear you are proud of this fact. I would be proud too but only if it is Working As Intended. And if the intention is to not crash on older console models then why not integrate a graphic scaling feature?
    Sorry to be hard on you about that but I don’t think you should be using this as an example when someone is spending the time to resolve an issue of time lost. From my point-of-view its like saying, “LOL UR PS3 SUX, OUR GAME IS SO POWA”

  4. I will attempt to delete and re-download

I did attempt to contact someone directly from your company, using the information below, but phone support was not an option. Also the term Tier 1 indicates that I’m working with the least informed and if your suggestions don’t resolve the issue I hope it gets escalated to a higher department.

The Better Business Bureau gave a contact information of:

Gearbox Software, LLC
STE 1200
PLANO, TX 75074

Nothing personal, I just want to be working as intended.

BA Ranks are tied to your profile, not your saves. Same for any Shift codes you entered.
Also, cables and tellies have nothing to do with it, either the file didn’t install correctly or the game continously tries to check the drive, even when it’s not needed.

'Nother edit: overheating is a side-effect of the hardware having to do double duty, which might be caused by what’s previously described (faulty install) or what I have previously mentioned about the disc being searched for.

This. There’s an unfortunately well-known bug (at least on XBox) where your BAR can be reset and you lose all skins and heads, but still have all your character saves exactly as they were. Don’t know if that also applies to PS3 though?

There are no known cases of the BA reset bug on the PS3 for as far as I know.

Makes me think it’s something specific to the way XBL handles multiplayer and the way BL2/TPS handle updating your profile save when you leave an on-line session. I’m always very careful to make sure that guests save & quit out before the host, because I’m paranoid I’ll get bitten by the BAR bug.

Said bug can strike already by allowing the game to download and install a patch. Has to with your profile temporarely getting signed out while the game tries to access its data while it’s downloading/installing it.

Though, in that scenario its easily worked around by making a second account just to use for allowing the game to patch.

That’s the other thing I make sure I do - never actually start playing until all downloads are completed; I usually back out to the start menu also. So far, so good!

BA rank is saved in a separate file. So you can lose a character save but still retain your BA rank for your other characters.

Just curious: you wouldn’t happen to be carrying around an overstuffed backpack or using any modded gear? These two factors can easily lock up your system, especially in coop games where there is a lot going on.

Also, to repeat what was said before, this seems more like an issue with your system. How is Gearbox liable? If anything, back up your character saves to a flash drive at the end of every session. Then if it does crash and the file gets corrupted you have a recourse.

if you have a flash drive thumb drive SD card external hard drive or anything with atleast 1 gig you can back your character(s) on it