Crashing during the Circle of Slaughter mission

My gf and I have attempted the Slaughter Shaft CoS six times now on co-op split screen. Round five crashes.

First off, split screen is still a mess. This game is more of a chore than an enjoyable experience. I feel like we are trying to finish it simply because we started it. It’s not fun. It’s hard to see, the lag is horrible, font sizes are too small and horizontal split is the worst possible orientation with a wide format TV.

That being said, we are attempting to power through it for the sake of having done it. I got tired of the $100 paper weight so we decided to muddle through. However, we’ve hit a roadblock. The creature slaughter worked fine, but each time we try the CoV or Maliwan circle it crashes between rounds four and five. Whether we’re attempting to use the vending machine, picking up loot or just sitting idle to give our poor, aching eyes a break… Crash!

I’ve submitted crash reports through my console, but I’ve not seen this topic brought up anywhere. Is there any ETA on when we will get a fully functioning game?


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Same thing happens to me ps4 i get to final round final wave jus about to finish and BOOM bluescreenofdeath ps4style

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Are you clearing the ground of as much as possible between each round? Slaughter Shaft gets tough because of all the badasses - and especially the number using elemental weapons. That’s a lot to keep up with at the best of times, but the more there is on the ground the more the game has to keep track of.

The other thing is whether you’re in mayhem mode or have Cartels active? That just adds to the load, especially if the modifiers are adding extra drones, chain effects, etc. Throw in gear and skills that do similar things, and bad things can happen.

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I clear the ground of everything between rounds. Mayhem is on, cartels also. Trying to max out bank space, the CoS is a goldmine to just sell everything after each round. But that means each round starts with a clean floor, and mayhem or no, these crashes shouldn’t happen. But I understand the load on the machine. The problem is, most of the time it crashes between rounds as I’m trying to pick up loot or sell it at the vending machine. No enemies on screen. But crashes happen. I get it. My complaint was in having to do ALL of it over again when I crash at round 5. If it crashes, it crashes. But having to repeat the previous four rounds just adds insult to injury. They need to be separate missions, as they were in BL2.