Crashing freezing a ton since last patch

Sorry, I play as player 2 and the text doesn’t exist (mission objectives). But yeah, I consider it as part of the bugs.

Good evening, I’m new here and unfortunately I don’t know if this belongs here, but I have a bug in a mission.
The mission is called cannonies in German. I am supposed to catch 6 souls there, but I kill an endless number of enemies and nothing happens. Could someone please help me here?

Sorry to see others having the same problem I have been having since the release of this beta program. As with yourselves BL3 is the ONLY game that crashes my XB1X. I have put in the trouble tickets and was told they are aware of it, something that is pretty much a cut and paste answer from them.

Bottom line is that this game was rushed out with little to no actual testing and GBX has been playing catch up every sense while also trying to release paid content. This problem most likely isn’t ever going to get fixed because any resources that would have went to the current generation of consoles is probably working on next gen.

We all paid full price to be unpaid beta testers for the next gen of consoles. Hard lesson learned but will not make the same mistake again when it comes to GBX products.


I honestly believe this has nothing to do with the event :frowning:

The game cannot handle mayhem modifiers that’s why. Its so much smoother without them

i consider it bad design imo. someone intentionally picked it

try here m8. they can help or at least get the bug noticed for the devs to fix it

IDET of that. i hope thats not the case

same. now the event is over it’s still crashing and freezing almost every 30m at most

now after this patch the game is the most beautiful and stable ive ever seen lol

IKR? they made it even worse again. like how

PS4. Game bluescreens at some point every time wife and I play coop. Display freezing for a second is frequent, which is annoying when you find yourself face into a wall and usually deadly when it happens right before a jump. The number of dancing Claptraps during load has gone up with every update. Lag when one player is in a menu is no better than it was at launch. Weapon thumbnails lag well behind paging in the echo and bank (in fact I frequently see thumbs for weapons I dont own on weapons I do own in coop). One can only hope the PS5 will alleviate some of the suffering.


On PS4.
Decided to jump on and actually play to see the state of the game and I’m getting massive framedrops and lag every time I play longer than 30 minutes at a time. It’ll start getting choppy in open spaces then it’ll get to the point where it is nigh unplayable anywhere after maybe an hour. Didn’t have this issue when I played DLC4.


On my ps4 pro the game actually looks worse after the last update. Framedrops and crashes are common now. Before the Halloween event I had no crashes… Stopped paying because I’m not into playing with about 40 frames and crashes of the console. Also the graphics seems to be not as good as before.


Crashed again. Coop ps4, TVHM M6, pkaying about 40 min, just went to get Pappys coin collection and it bluescreened fighting 6 annointed right after we got out of the truck.

Like I said, sooner or later, but Guaranteed. Every. Time.

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wow even on pro? what did they do to ruin it? it’s unfortunate esp since it was crashing and freezing before but the amount now is insane.
Cant even play during the new event

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3 more sessions three more crashes. Most recent TVHM M6, just arrived on Nekrotafeyo, both of us in one runner just driving across landscape no enemies near.

Nothing else crashes my ps4 like this (not even Fallout :rofl:). I think if everyone posted to this thread every time BL crashes on them the forums would crash too. :wink:


On Xbox Series X here and it’s been crashing a lot for me. Usually when it’s loading (fast travel or loading a character) if I’ve been playing a while, with other characters in splitscreen mode. Even when I switch to singleplayer, it might still crash, unless I do a full restart of the game.

It’s like the memory or cache is being overwhelmed. And of course working with customer support is both worthless and frustrating. They want me to provide video evidence or apparently they can’t do anything. But I can’t record the crash once the game crashes! Maybe they expect me to record my entire night in 5 mins chunks. Sorry GB, but you don’t pay me to do your job.


Another crash. Also seeing loot drops and chest contemts simply vanish in front of you, there one second and gone the next. Sounds like they’ve piled on so much bloat the ps4 just cant keep up with it any more.


Last 2 days it get unplayable after a while even single player. Massive frame drops that are like full pauses. It’s so jerky I’ve seen 5th grade stop-motion projects with smoother footage. Sometimes restarting the game will clear it but itevitably comes back. Preettttyyy sure thel ast update finally piled on the baggage that broke the PS4s back.


I play on xbox series X and I am also experiencing issues with Crashing and freezing. Was grinding my character last night and I crashed at least 1/2 times every hour. Not something we can fix. The devs just need to fix this issue and update the game. Until then, we must endure.


Hate to be the bearer of sour news but some of us have been waiting for the developers to fix this game since it released over a year ago and yet here we are with nothing to show. Sorry to hear that even the new gen consoles are having issues but with GBX now days it doesn’t surprise me in the very least. I hope I am wrong but deep down I really don’t see this getting fixed because it doesn’t bring in any money.

If you need a BL fix I suggest you play the first three entries in the game, they work just fine and even have a co-op split screen mode that is playable without having to sit a foot away from the screen to read the text.

yah the 1st 3 are absolutely amazing. i have over 2500 hours on BL2 alone.

agreed. even the ui is awful. i cant read it from far away like I could in every other game. Plus its insanely slow switching tabs. Dont even get me started on how long it took them to add more vending machines. I like to think my mega thread helped at least on skywell.
i hope if we keep asking for fixes theyll get addressed sometime soon

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