Crashing in fullscreen mode after alt tabbing

The game is crashing anytime I attempt to alt tab after launching the game in fullscreen mode.

Launching the game with windowed borderless does not have this issue. Changing to fullscreen after launching in windowed borderless does not have this issue either.

My drivers are up to date.

Hardware: RTX 2080, R7 2700x, 16GB of RAM

Just curious, is the game on the same hard drive your copy of Windows? Just last poster that had a similar issue had the game on an SSD and windows on a HDD. Once he got Windows and the game on the same drive everything was fine.

If that is not the case, I would look at any programs you have running in the background. This includes your Antivirus (Windows Defender too) as they could be causing the problem. Just it sounds like something is fighting Borderlands 3 for rights to take over the monitor, and DisplayFusion and some antivirus will mess with some games (looks at Skyrim).

Borderlands 3 is on my OS drive.