Crashing in inventory

First day playing and already had my game crash 3 times when managing my inventory, so lost out on boss loot twice now because it saved the mission progress but didn’t recover the weapons…
Playing on PC and not sure what is causing this my game just crashes when i am doing stuff with my equipment. Really pissing me off now since i just lost my first legendary that was something I haven’t seen anyone get before. :confused:


Also receiving this issue, game ran absolutely fine yesterday when playing for the first time. I accepted all my SHiFT VIP rewards, pre-order bonuses and deluxe edition content and now whenever I open the inventory or go to sell at a vendor it just crashes.

I’ve managed to resolve my issue by joining a friends game who has unlocked Sanctuary (as I hadn’t) and then purchasing a backpack SDU upgrade!

I’m getting the exact same issue.

The game window freezes on the last image before the crash and the error message comes up saying submit the crash logs etc.

This happens when I’m in the inventory, especially when looking in detail of objects. If you go to the character screen it will crash, look at the trophies in sanctuary it will crash.

It happens often when I finish a quest, or dialogue ends. It happens much more often if you are in a menu and looking at your character model.

I’m on a 2080ti and i9 9900k. I’ve done what everyone on here seems to have suggested, full screen mode, limit fps, preset on low and tweak individual settings.

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