Crashing my Xbox alot lately

Proving grounds areas over the last few days have been crashing my xbox .

Farming eleanor also causing crashes.

Just in general thte game has been crashing several times every day.

Must be a result of one of the Hot Fixes.

It’s getting annoying because it happens so often now.


yup Im getting so many crashes now trying to do my tvhm playthrough and its bloody annoying.


Yep, lots of crashes on the Xbox and GB refuses to even admit that there’s an issue. I asked Noelle about the Xbox crashes in the Hotfix thread today and didn’t even get a reply.


I didn’t get any answer either but I haven’t from other threads for that matter. However I will still ask until I get an answer but chances are I will get banned before I get a answer. Already had two post blocked so its a matter of time.

Game is crashing really badly every 5 minutes

Game is completely broken & unplayable game on Xbox