Crashing need help

Recently I started playing BL2 again on Steam. I put about 10 hours in and it was working fine. However in the last few days the game start crashing after about 20 minutes in. The game will go to a grey screen and then I need to completely restart my PC by powering down. Nothing seems to get me out of that grey screen, can’t even go to task manager. I re-validated my files and made sure that all drivers where updated, but the problem continues. Any help would be great cause as it is this makes it unplayable and other games are working fine.

Is this on Windows 10 by any chance? Because there’s a similar sounding problem posted in the the thread just immediately below yours. If so, was there a recent update? Did Windows update your graphics drivers for you?

It is indeed on Windows 10, as for my drivers I updated them myself after the second crash to see if that was the problem.

I have the same issue; I have been playing for 100 hours and once I bought the second upgrade pack for my girl the game keeps crashing every 20-30-60 minutes. Game freezes and the “Stopped working” popup and closes. I am on Windows 7 pro, I then purchased the two upgrade packs for myself and the problem still persists. I have poured over hundreds of forums with absolutely NO solution. I would greatly appreciate any assistance. Everything software related is up-to-date.