Crashing on borderlands 2

any help is appreciated

Not a PS3 person, and not had anything similar happen on XBox, so not sure what to say other than:

  • If you bought a physical copy of the game, try borrowing a different disk to see if that works; if it does, inspect your disk carefully for signs of any damage
  • If you bought it as electronic download, try deleting and re-downloading it
  • Check if it’s only a new Zer0 that’s affected, or any new character
  • I’m assuming that if other saves load ok, then different games run fine, but it might be worth checking
  • Check the “known issues” over at the support web site; you could also try filing a support ticket

Sorry - that’s all I’ve got.

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Hey Vaulthunter101 thanks for the help ill tell my mate to try it as soon as he gets home