Crashing on Mission 11 HW1R

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So I have a save where I am consistently crashing on Mission 11 in HW1 Remastered. I’ve destroyed the frigates, but managed to steal 3 of the destroyers & the HC. However, at the point of crashing is when the 3rd destroyer is being pulled into the Mothership to be taken, and the number of Destroyers I have increased to 8, it immediately crashes there. Unfortunately. I haven’t gotten the HC pulled into the Mothership yet, but it’s sitting right next to it with the Salvage Corvettes on it waiting for the destroyer to get taken in.

I have a similar problem;
At end of mission 11, I have captured the Battle Cruiser and it has entered the mothership (I didn’t bother with any of the other ships). The Bentusi is on an approach vector to talk, then the game crashes.
If I do not capture any ships, the game works fine.

Update: This seems to happen every time I capture a ship. In the next mission I captured another capital ship, and as a cut-scene was playing, I crashed again.

I just had a thought…could there be a limited number of ships ‘inside’ the Mothership being captured simultaneously? Devs?

i have just 3 destroyers, and of course start to capture a lot, game crashes every time - mission 11, really bad, pls fix as soon as possible

Nope. Just made sure I had the latest Nvidia drivers, and latest Windows update, and still crashing :frowning:

Win7 Pro SP1
Nvidia drivers 247.52
Intel Xeon X5650
GeForce GTX 970

I’m having the issue now too, which is odd cause I’ve played through this mission twice already with no problems. it happens on one of the destroyers, not always the third one.

game crashes in mission 11 on Homeworld 1 Remastered campaing.

no matter what - if i salvage the big super destroyer, it goes in my mothership - crash to desktop.
next load - i do not capture this super destroyer, i capture 2 destroyers, no problem, the bentusi mothership moves towards me, a ingame cutscene beginns - crash to desktop.

Hi @ all

I have the same Problem in Mission 11!
After capture the third destroyer, the Game crash to Desktop!
And I have the the latest Catalyst (14.12 Omega).
Pleas Fix this in the next Update.

WfG Alex

After Update 1, “crash to Desktop” in Mission 11 is still present !

WfG Alex

I’m going to try again tonight after work, from the same and probably needing to restart the mission and do it that way.

Yep, reached this mission did the same steps and crash each time. Can’t/won’t move forward.

I managed to get through it, but I think it’s because I made sure never to have more than 2 destroyers/HC in the Mothership being captured at once. So try that. You might have to only attach a few salvage corvettes to the destroyers to immobilize them and capture them one or two at a time.

Not the point really, whats the deuce of having any of it? Fix it if it breaks the game…that’s all.

Game crashes on me also. Can’t continue