Crashing on xb1

Playing on Xbox one and been getting crashing lately. Suddenly the game freezes and just closes completely.

I’ve never had it happen until recently. Anyone else?

I get it occasionally, not sure the source as it seems really random. The most frequent offender seems to be transitioning from the blue spawning screen to the game when loading a new map. It happened the other night at the same instant a cutscene would begin.

Who knows what’s actually goin on under the hood of this game in consoles.

If you’re on original XB1, you can reduce the risk of this happening by periodically doing the power reset to clear the cache. It’s also more likely to happen if you’ve had the game running for a long time (like, several hours+) so - even though the load times are painfully slow - I would recommend fully shutting the game down when you’re done for the day rather than leaving it in fast start mode.

Other than that… Plenty of posts in the XB1X versions of this thread, which has it much worse for some reason.

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@vCarpeDiemv the last three times I’ve had it it’s been either closing out a vending machine or opening the menu transitions.

@VaultHunter101 thanks for the advice but when it happen today was on a fresh start up and less than a half hour of playtime.

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The last crash I had was similar - I’d just spent a GR point, closed, and then instantly reopened my echo. Just as a suggestion: keep your eye out for the loading/saving sign in the bottom right of the screen, and try waiting until that’s done before doing anything that would trigger further disk activity. (Bit of a stab in the dark there, but it’s possible one cause of crashes at such times is a disk i/o bottle neck in the game.)

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