Crashing on XBox

Hey there,

First I wanna say:
I absolutely LOVE the new dlc :green_heart::purple_heart:
It’s exactly what I love, the atmosphere and scenery is awesome.

Unfortunately it makes my XBox One X crash a lot. I don’t know if there’s a specific enemy triggering it, or the area.
But so far I’ve had the game crash with console making a loud noise and freezing repeatedly in the following areas/missions:

  • The cemetery in Cursehaven was first, in the main mission, tried a few times, coop and solo, but whenever I shot or sent rakks it froze, could only progress cause my husband cleared the way while I hid somewhere (thats how we handle it all the time now, but no behaviour for a glorious Beastmaster to hide and wait☹)

  • in the Archives, when shooting the enemy that jumped out of a wall after placing the antlers.

  • Cankerwood, during the Max Sky mission

  • the Crypt in Cursehaven during the mission for Burton

  • Hammerlocks Hunt, when shooting the Yeti

Most areas seem to be okay now that the missions are completed. But farming the Yet for example is impossible for me, solo or coop doesn’t matter it crashes aömost every time.

I hardly dare shooting anymore.
I’ve also filed a support ticket, but thought I’ll also post it here so more people see it.
Please Gearbox, can you have a look into that. I’m admin in a borderlands facebook group, and this happens for others too, it’s definitely not our consoles, because it almost only happens for bl3, and the dlc has it more than the rest of the game ever had.

Thanks so much for anything you do.
Love the games, and the dlc is one of the best ever. Without the crashes it would be perfect. If the Lodge had a bank I’d move in from Sanctuary.

Happy Hunting,

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