Crashing since last update

Windows 7 Ult 64-bit

Battlleborn on Steam, never crashed on me until the last update:
Reyna, 2 minutes into a Bots battle.

First hard crash ever last night

Mine was 20 sec later as Wiskey Foxtrot
Bots Battle on Coldsnap
Win 10 64-bit
i7 6700
32 GB Ram
500 GB SSD

Have you guys submitted tickets to support by chance?

…Um sorry but no, that support system has been a waste of my time and just gets very nice replies with no result.

I’m pretty proud of my original Battleborn account that got hosed during the Toby dlc bug with zero missions scores.
After spending untold steps with support they again in a very nice way told me they can’t help. Frikin frak. :rage:

Sorry to hear about that. Just asking because that’s our best chance to get some documentation from you on your specific issue.