Crashing with local coop

Have been playing split screen coop (2 player) all day and 20 mins ago it froze and crashed back to the xbox one home page. Now, we can load up either player and play solo, but as soon as we load a second person in for coop, it immediately crashes to the xbox one home page again (while on the main menu screen).

I’ve tried doing a hard reset as well as pulling the power for 20 seconds. Neither works.

We’ve also loaded each character in solo mode, took them to a different map, then tried to load that way as well. No luck.

I think there’s an issue with LIVE. I can’t send messages, my game kept crashing, can’t access cloud saves etc etc.

seems to be working ok now. Feel free to delete this post.

If it was Live, though, I find it odd it would cause the game to crash completely…