Crates and more crates

id like to start a thread that identifies how many crates for each map.

…Not possible I don’t think, they appear to be random.

Yes they spawn At different locations but I’d like to know how many chests per map. And if people want to put a general location description even better.

Like: algorithm

  1. Red chest after henchman. (As soon as the door opens go down the ramp)
  2. Red chest in Geoff’s 2nd room, against the wall to the rift of Geoff.
  3. Big chest before isic. In front of jump pads.
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Renegade - sometimes one on top ledge, left side of first defense point. Sometimes one on top of building where you defend Caldy, and sometimes inside the building.
Void’d Edge usually has one just before the varelsi, where you have to destroy that Crystal and are still facing thrall. There are two pads to open the armory door. Left side when you walk in, one just past the Crystal, one below that.

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Id like to know archive and experiment locations, they always seem super random in those maps

Renegade: after first defense point door opens either to the left right after the door or to the right up on the little walkway

Saboteur: took me forever to see this but the area right before you take the jump pads to fight all those varelsi, to the left down some stairs in the middle of the room a chest can spawn down there

Let’s also get a count. Does each map have 3 chest? Do some have 4? I think I’ve found 4 on a map but can’t remember.

Dude, the experiment is ridiculous sometimes. I haven’t played that map as much, so I spend a few minutes searching.

I believe the chest have 3 spawn locations per area. Meaning each respawn location has a chest (i think). And within that area the chest can spawn in 3 different locations.

Lastly, can we get legendarily from big red chest? All my legendaries were bosses, lore or packs

I’m sure you can, and I’m sure the probability will go up on advanced/hardcore once they tweak it a bit

From my 80+ hours of playtime and asking other players, Im pretty sure the answer is no