Craw drop stats?

I’m a little curious if anyone knows…has there ever been a community data dump of craw loot, to try and really figure out how often certain legendaries/pearls drop? There’s lots of hearsay on the old gbx forums and elsewhere…1 pearl for every 66 oranges, etc.

A long time ago I started keeping track of what drops…thought I had lost the files, but recently found them so am adding to it. I play on PC and have the .ini modified so that whites and greens disappear quickly, so I am keeping track of:

  • bulk number of trash drops (blues that are not penetrators, dracos, punishing stompers, etc, as well as elemental artifacts)
  • bulk purples
  • legendaries, counted by type
  • loyalty mods, counted by type
  • pearls, counted by type

So far in the list I have
2944 trash
3339 purples
440 legendaries (still haven’t found ANY of a couple types…guess which!)
4 pearls (omega, rose, jackal, serpens…all crappy)
9 loyalty mods, no 660s but a 640 Atlas Champion

So far it looks like pearls are quite a bit rarer than 1 pearl:66 orange. Also, the distribution of legendaries doesn’t seem well thought out. Some of the really OP weapons are quite common, and some useless ones are fantastically rare.

Just rambling. If anyone wants to contribute I’d be happy to lump in your data too.

I had one drop with no oranges or good purples or coms. That was a bad kill… Past that, I don’t actually keep track at all.

Basically for a full farm run of Crawmerax until the game crashes when you try to re-enter the area, you get 50 Equalizers, 13 Volcanoes, 2 artifacts, 105 unusable class mods, 1 white gun, a kitchen sink, and a new shotgun.

Ha…maybe a little bit of exaggeration there :smile:

Yes, Equalizers are most common. No surprise there. But, the scramble for second place is a lot more interesting that I thought it would be!

I’ll post up the results…sometime. Part of me wants to wait until I have gotten at least one of everything Craw can drop, but part of me thinks that’s unreasonable. That would mean one of each loyalty mod (I think…does Craw drop specters or truxicans?), one of each pearl, and at least one of each of the extremely rare legendaries. Not sure I have that much patience, but it isn’t exhausted yet.

Craw does drop Circle Reward Class Mods, but so infrequently I can only remember one sighting, and I check every class blue/purple mod for loyalties.

Don’t go until you get one of everything, it’s highly likely for a person to not witness every possible drop in their entire lifetime.

I’ve never gotten less than three legendaries per craw run. Not saying they’re all good but I hope that helped in some way. Might UST be RNGesus being generous to me every 30 seconds (kill time) but yeah :slight_smile:

Up to 740 legendaries found on Mordecai, 130 on Lilith with FRI. 180 Equalizers :smile:

On the old forums, @Scottes and @s6 did some testing and showed that Find Rare Items doesn’t affect loot pulled from chests, in any statistically certain way (maybe more eridians and grenade mods, IIRC).

I’m interested to see if FRI may affect the relative distribution of legendaries dropped by Craw. While it’s way too early to say anything for sure, I am intrigued by the results I’ve seen so far. I don’t think anyone else has systematically tested this…well, at least not that I’ve been able to find. I need one of those maps with a bunch of frozen Craws…

If anyone could help me, I’d be very appreciative! It just involves a quick tally of what legendaries/pearls/loyalty COMs he drops. Makes me wish I had been playing this game back when it was popular!

The only Pearl I’ve ever had off Craw is a Serpens (twice). Aside from the Equalizers, he seems to do a roaring trade in Hellfires, Volcanos and Defilers, as well as Crux and Hammer explosive shotguns. He’s also good with a variety of Pistols, such as Anacondas and Chimeras. As far as Purples go, I’ve always found him to be an excellent source of quality machine Guns such as Glorious Havocs or Massacres. I’ve had one or two Pearl Ogres, too (in fact he may well be the only source I’ve found for Ogres). Purple Coms are a regular staple, too.

It’s a very rare occasion indeed when he doesn’t drop at least one or two Legendaries, but it does happen. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen that happen on consecutive tries so as a source of good loot he’s pretty unbeatable. The closest rival in BL1 would be the Armory, but Craw seems somehow more satisfying and the drop quality seems better (not tested, just an impression). In BL2, nothing comes even remotely close.

Ah the old fri conspiracy, the thing with that is it depends on what the game believes is a rare item.
Unfortunately Eridians are one of them

yeah, I know…I read a bunch of the old threads. While this is probably a waste of time, it doesn’t hurt anything to test it, and who knows, maybe something will turn up.

What piqued my interest was: I went to kill him with Lilith since I was tired of using repeaters on Mordy. Slapped on a FRI catalyst since it was the only thing she was carrying, then kill Craw and he dropped two bitches in one kill. Meanwhile, it took about 80 kills to get two bitches on Mordy. I know random is random, and each piece of loot generated at a specific awesome level has an equal chance of be coming one, but it made me wonder.

This morning I was doing some more thinking, and remembered @Scottes saying that the game files specified that certain weapon types would indeed drop more often on different characters, but he couldn’t quantify it…so maybe we can at least see something different.

@shure, who do you mostly play as? In 740 legendaries found by Mordy, Hammers and Cruxes are definitely on the uncommon side.

I’ve only ever played as Roland in BL1. I’ve often wondered if that was the reason I got so many shotguns and combat rifles from Craw! I’ve never measured it, but I will say that Hammers and Cruxes are far from uncommon compared to many other Legendaries

@shure thanks…I kinda suspected that! Sounds like my new mission is to do this with every character :blomg_:

Also, it helps that Craw doesn’t drop eridians! Especially when you make all the greens disappear in 30 seconds :smile:

Yeah he does. I can attest to this.

I can’t remember ever seeing one, even before I altered the .ini to make greens/whites disappear.

If he does, oh well, my stats are missing that. If a blue or better eridian pops up, I’ll certainly catch it.

He does drop Eridians. I’ve even seen him drop the rare fire thingy, for someone else to pick up since I didn’t want it. =P

I see, saw a green eridian today…item card flashed by before it disappeared. Just a trash green :smile:

OK, I’ve gotten serious about this. I’ve stopped using my actual playing characters, modded backpack space to 2000, installed the Dr Zed patch, enabled the console, and have started using “notarget” (which prevents craw or minions from attacking me) to kill craw easily and repeatedly. By the time I have filled up a backpack with blues and better (about 30 kills in 1-player mode, somewhat less in 4-player) it has started to get a bit laggy so I sort the loot and start over. Takes 2-3 hours to kill him 30 times and sort through ~2000 drops. I’ll get there!

No finds will be posted from the cheater kills. I’m trying to not even look…but it’s kinda fun anyway.

One question. Shouldn’t you not have greens disappear quickly? Shouldn’t you keep those since loyalty coms can spawn as greens? This is about testing his loot, and loyalty coms are relatively rare. Maybe you should change that?

Nobody’s going to use a green COM, loyalty or not…so I’m not real concerned about it.