Craw Farming Anyone?

(ItsOnLikeChedda) #1

Borderlands 2 got old, so i went back to the original. Any max level players out there want to farm Craw for pearls? I’ve done 70 runs now with Lilith and have yet to get a pearl gun, but have a real solid collection of class mods and legendaries. PSN - ItsOnLikeChedda

(Just Your Average Dead Guy) #2

I’m game. I have a max level Lilith myself. Fair warning though I suck at dealing with Craw. Had to use the glitch/launcher method to kill him for the quest. My PSN is BackOffoRDie, and I do have a mic.

(ItsOnLikeChedda) #3

I’m up to 100 times now still with no luck. And 95 of them were using the corner glitch. I just want them pearls lol. I even killed about 30 drifters for the hell of it today. Also have mic

(ItsOnLikeChedda) #4

Was doing craw and farmory yesterday. Find a pearl and of course, shield. A crappy ironclad