Craw killing machine!

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Ok I have heard alot of misinformation about what gear is best to kill craw. NW glitch spot or legit…what’s your go to? I’ll start off by saying that any character can easily use the spot with 2 fairly common pieces of gear. A decent masher (equalizer is good and u don’t have to worry about ammo) and a decent harpoon. Yeah those weird one shot weak ass rocket launchers are tailor made for hitting his back spike. I’ve read crap about leviathans and nidhoggs aplenty but that is rubbish. Find a harpoon with a decent scope.

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I dont use the glitch spot but with a siren its double anarchy or anaconda with a pro build. With roland i usually go with a commando shotgun build with a bulldog for dps. With mordy, an unforgiven masher. With brick i use a masher, anarchy, nidhog and i run out of ammo for everything lol. And i use the same 3 weapons for adds; serpens, hellfire and orion.

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Cool man. I was wondering if anybody would ever respond. With Lilith soloing him legit I use 3 anacondas and an orion. U really can’t beat an orion for maggots. The special effect is useful to stun them if u just ground spam and then one good shot kills them. My 2 shot fire anaconda almost always 2 shots the greens. And my 6 shot corrosive almost always starts dot on the purples…which doesn’t stop until theyre dead (and sometimes times perfect for a wind). And the 2 shot masher of coarse. Anyways…happy hunting

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I have always use orion but found this so now waiting to find one with mag4

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Mag4? Uh I’m still half asleep that’s the good 6 right? How’s that thing handle with whatever stock that is and barrel4? I prefer barrel5 if I’m going scope less. 4 is just too janky. That is a sick Aries tho.

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Damn Tech! that Aries is sic! :star_struck:

For Craw, I only use Lilith at the moment. And I change it up depending on my mood. I typically go to the glitch spot to remove the back and limbs with my crappy Bessie and a Specter com with +4 in Velocity. Then I kite Craw around the arena so the loot doesn’t drop on the previous drop. I will sometimes go Merc com and use my Dahl Anarchy, or I might go Professional with Bulldogs and Anacondas. I recently found a good anaconda masher for Craw bashing. So I have a few different approaches I like to do.

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How many shots that Bessie take? Using my 2 shot annie masher and a tempest Com or pro Com it takes me a clean double tap per limb. Maybe 3 for the eye.

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Same. 3 shots for the face, and 2 per limb. 2 shots on the back, however if I had a better bessie, I think I can one-shot the back as it’s the lowest damage required to remove it from Craw. I just need roughly 2K more in damage. :sunglasses:

with my current setup: Specter com(90% crit +3 Slayer +4 Velocity w/ammo regen) and my VVR Fearsome Bessie gets just over 8K in damage. Like 8082 or something like that. the Enforcer buff is irrelevant.

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I just hate snipers lol. The orion isn’t really a sniper. It’s more like a stupidly op revolver. And I love seeing those 21k dmg numbers when I use mordy.

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I don’t think Lilith can reach those numbers, but I"m going to try. lol I just need a perfect Bessie. lol

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Idt so either. Gun crazy is a game changer as far as all that. She’s no slouch tho. That gunfighter Com is giving me 8 points in gun crazy…so theoretically I’m doubling more often than not. It’s amazing seeing a quarter of knoxxs health knocked off in just a couple shots

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Wow, ok im jealous.

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mag4, firerate 2.3 barrel4 scopeless stockless thats my dream Aries

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this is how my first kill usually goes. :wink:

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Damn I’m gonna try that further spot. I wouldn’t even need my harpoon. Just the masher. I could ditch my whole backpack to save room.

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That’s pretty cool Kurt, with set up like this you can come there with an empty backpack and pick up everything, it’s much easier and doesn’t break the game after 6-7 kills…

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Here is my legit kill using Lilith Dahl Professional com and good Dahl gear. I dont have perfect gear, but it seems to do the job. I just need to improve my aiming with the masher. as you will see. lol


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Some tips.

  1. Go to your right immediately.
  2. Always try to take out his back first, even if it means not shooting other parts of his body and waiting a bit.
  3. Don’t stress, no seriously. It will make your hand shake and you will be less accurate. Don’t let a seafood special at Red Lobster get under your skin.
  4. Always take out maggots, Green worms can be ignored if you wish but they can be annoying with their charge attack, purple worms are a joke only kill them as a last resort for second winds.
  5. Craw is not weak to shock, no idea where that rumor came from. Just use things that have critical bonuses.
  6. Use daze skills to your advantage. In the vid above I shot a purple worm a few times to get him dazed. It bought me just enough time to land a few shots on craw and escape with my health in tack.
  7. Cover is your friend, use it well.
  8. Blinding craw is a good way to get rid of his spit attack in a pinch. ( which is why I go for the eye last just in case.)
  9. When you do kill him, if possible, try to do it over an open area without other loot. You will hate yourself for having to look at all the guns a second time trust me.
  10. Just practice honestly. It takes time to get this down to a science. I make it look easy because I have done this literally thousands of times.

Bonus tip!

PT1 Crawmerax has less health, but the same loot pool. For faster farming, and/or easier killing I recommend that.

Good luck and happy hunting vault hunters!

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Badass as always @Stouty22…very cool kill!

(Orzesz ty Brumgocylu) #20

Yeah, that is what I like the most.