Craw killing machine!

(Is this thing on?) #21

Someone please remind me of the appropriate element for each of these.

(band) #22

Fire for the greenies, corrosive for the big ones, and shock for those small fast bastards.

(Geomason) #23

I took my specter Lil for some craw hunting after that short clip @Stouty22 posted, and I loved it !

(odiscordia) #24

Here’s something interesting. Some of you may know but I didnt. If you’re going over the cliff after a kill to get outside faster I’ve noticed that using Lil and phase walking if you’re still in phase walk when u “die” it doesn’t charge you the money. Sorta like that developer chest thing in rust commons. Not that it matter with billions of dollars laying around but kinda neat.

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #25

I am actually surprised that you didn’t know this. :innocent:

(odiscordia) #26

Does it work anywhere?

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #27

yes. :grin:

I can see your wheels turning. lol

I use that technique to get the chest over by the bridge you cross for Roads END.
Just make sure you run by that save pole, otherwise you spawn by the Vehicle station.

(odiscordia) #28

Wow. Lil just got more invincible

(band) #29

I’ve only known this for under a year. Lilith is my least played character, but you’d think after ~5 years of playing BL, I’d have picked that up by now.

(odiscordia) #30

I wonder if maybe berserk does it too

(Geomason) #31

No unfortunately berserk is not working like that, you just die…