Craw loot level?

Am I missing something? I’m max level ,good guns , an after at least 30 runs in 3 days the only 69 legendary guns are the gearbox add ons. Thoughts? Condolences? Ideas? Help

The only sources of Lv69 guns are item of the day vendor slots, Loot Goon chests in DLC1, and drops from the DLC3 Loot Midgets. I suppose you can include stuff from the Golden Key chest now too.

I can’t say I get why, that’s just how it’s always been.

The Gearbox guns always spawn at your current level, whether found in a golden chest or the middle chest at the Vault, or dropped by Skagzilla or Craw. They seem to live by different rules than the rest of the game’s gear.

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See I knew that the gearbox stuff was on level. But the rest of this thread is now just sadness

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When you do find something perfect or near at 69 however…you absolutely remember it and cherish it and keep it forever.

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