Craw or Farmory?

Where is the best place to find a pearlescent weapon or where do you find most of yours? Crawmerax or at the Farmory? Just wanted to know if one has a stronger chance then the other



One Craw kill vs one Farmory run, which one has better chances? Absolutely no idea.

That said, once you get good at it I bet you’d be able to find a pearl faster farming Craw compared to the Farmory.

I’ve personally had much better experiences with Pearls in the Armory. For a while I had gone several months without seeing Craw drop a Pearl. I’ve found over 80 Pearls while playing the game- less than 1/4 of those Pearls have come from Crawmerax.

From experience of farming 100+ hours back in BL1, definitely the armory. There are like 70+ chests in there, so you’ll definitely have a better chance than Craw. Plus it’s much faster doing the armory. Farming Craw takes longer. You have to kill Craw and then search every corner of the map for the drops, which is time consuming.

Kid you not, once a pearl got stuck in the rock when I farmed Craw. I couldn’t tell what weapon it was but I could see the pearl color coming out of the rock wall on the right side of the map. No idea how it got through the rock, but I was really bummed.

Craw if you can kill him quick. I can do 5 kills in 30mins, which is a lot faster than Farmoury runs.

But I usually do everything, I open the lance chest on the highway, then the one on the cliff in Deep Fathoms, then 5 craw kills, then 7 lance chests and a bunch of Drifters in Roads End (and Ajax for a chance at dat Ogre). Then I raid the armoury.

I’ve gotten most my Pearls from Craw, 1 from highway Chest, 2 from Cliff chest and 1 from a Drifter. Armoury hasn’t given me anything ever.


I’ve gotten 11 pearls, and 6 or 7 of those came from the Armory.

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I literally just found one from the armory, in the first crimson lance chest I opened

I was happy, less so when I realized it was an undertaker though

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Ive found a decent amount of pearls… I would have to say just do both. Start your run with craw kill him like 5 times then go hit up the armory, rinse then repeat. If you want real quick runs use either a gunslinger mordy or professional lilly.

Yup, Lilith barley requires any skill either, just spam at his weak-spots and Phasewalk when he hits you, hide behind a rock to recharge and do it again.

Speed-Glitched Brick can also outrun all of Craw and his minions attacks except for the nova.

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In my experience Crawmerax pays out better in terms of Pearlescents and just in general. The time factor makes it a no brainer for me especially when, like Stouty said, you can just run through the Farmory after you lag up Craw’s loot field

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Craw cause u can re enter and kill over and over again

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How many crawmerax runs can you do in the time it takes to do the armory run?

It really can depend on your familiarity with the fight. I’ve heard of 3 second kills(from first damage dealt), but my usual time to solo it is a few minutes.

That said, including all the drive time and everything it takes to get to both places, I bet most people who can solo Craw(reliably) could get in 3-4 kills before the finish looting the armory.

But really, we should get somebody to time themselves.

Not counting the driving? It usually takes me about a minute to kill Knoxx and his minions. The chest looting takes me about 25 minutes because I open each chest one at a time.

Also, I find Farmory more relaxing.

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There’s also how many Crab killings you can do before you start lagging and having issues due to MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF LEWD LOOT. It’s very possible by the time you’d finish a Farmory run that you’d have to restart the game after killing Craw cause of da loots.

Also, how much is RNG going to be a pain in the ass about it’s minion spawns? That’s another variable.

It’s all random but Craw for me,one out of the farmory compared to 8 from craw,two were consecutive

In our 2 player couch coop sessions, we never had that issue. Once we had 2 or 3 piles it became too tedious to figure out which pile was which (which items we had scoured over) and it saved us time to simply save, quit and reload.

I get 5 piles before I restart.

I make sure they’re seperate though, I lure him away from the other piles before killing him.

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