Crawmerax Is Such A Troll Man

My first legit pearl, the Omega shield, was absolutely underwhelming. Level 67, capacity barely broke 1700 even though my level 66 shield has a capacity of 2368, and only slight shock resistance. Why Craw, why would you do this to me?

The omega shields schtick is its massive recharge rate.

Shield quality is also hit really hard by material, shame you got mat1.

Pearl shields end up either great or utter crap.

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Meh, that doesn’t make it any less underwhelming to me. Especially since my level 66 shield is much better anyway.

Guy trolls the hell out of me by never giving me pearls. ■■■■ that guy.

He makes me want to just farm the armory for Pearls instead lol.

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Its a terrible thing to deal with my friend

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