Crawmerax /pearesent drops

anyone ever get a pearl from craw? ive been farming him and no luck so far. I did get a pearl in the knoxx armory a few weeks ago tho. tbh I’m getting bored with craw he is not even dropping usefull legendarys mostly equalizers and volcanos that are worse than what I have in my inventory. last kill he dropped 2 legendarys both were volcanos lol…also craw is a jerk

Quite a few so far but it is not a great chance of course. Never got one from the armory though so I pretty much gave it up.

the one pearl i got from the armory was a crappy assault rifle that i dont use. I’m determined to get a pearlescent from craw . gt is PeterL2014 if u wanna join me at craw farming

I am no longer playing on the Xbox 360, sorry. It’s quite a shame though considering I got my first Pearlescent there (either the Nemesis or something else, I can’t remember).

My girlfriend and I have killed him together 4 times so far (most recent victory was tonight) and we have received no Pearlescent Items so far.

But the first time we won I did get something better than a Pearlescent Gun IMO: The Atlas Ogre!
It’s now my all time favorite Gun in the Borderlands series!

Whatever chances he has of dropping one feels like it’s less than 10-8%.

the ogre is the best combat rifle in borderlands 1. pearlsescents are rare as hell. also I will help with a few craw kills sometime if u want. my gt is PeterL2014

You’re telling me!
Up until then I thought Marcus was full of crap when his shops would say “Buy an Atlas, and see what it feels like to hold the Power of the Gods in your hands.”