Crawmerax The Invincible

Ok guys,
Just a quick question.

Does CTI count as a raid boss? Just so I can add him to the (very small) list of raids I’ve killed.

Do you mean Crawmerax from Bl1, or Son of Crawmerax from Bl2?

Since this is the Bl2 forum, I’m assuming son of craw. There are two versions, the one you fight in a mission, and when you go back and pay Eridium.

The Eridium payment version IS a Raid boss, the story version is not.

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Sweet, yeah sorry, I should have said Son of Craw.

Pretty happy now haha!

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Well, if you just killed him during the story mission, it’s not a raid-boss. If you paid Eridium to go BACK and then kicked his butt, then… Congratulations!

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Yeah, I went back and paid the Eridium and DESTROYED HIM! First attempt haha.

Although I was using the Bee+CC combo…