Crawmerax vs armory

1.Which one do you prefer and why?

I’ve been doing armory runs until I got sufficient gear to start farming Crawmerax and after that point I visit armory pretty rarely between hundreds of Crawmerax kills…

2.What is your experience at farming those things?
…However that also means that my experience at farming those gets unbalanced to point that I’m curious about how efficient armory is at yielding good weapon parts and pearlescents in comparison. I’m curious about what people have to say about similiar numbers of experience compared with over a thousand Crawmerax kills I’ve made.

From the 2 sheets of notes I’ve next to me I gather up that I’ve made 789 Crawmerax kills for 14 pearlescent drops. I could find more notes, but I feel like I’m having a bad luck on those, because 1 pearl per 56 kills to me is suprising, because I’ve been convinced that pearls have higher chance to drop up until now.

3.Do you also keep track of data when farming?
I just find it easier to take a note on paper, because that way I can take my mind off the game while farming. So while I run around in-game to farm Crawmerax, sometimes I practice and learn stuff, sometimes I exercise, but most oftenly I just take that time to think about topics I’m currently interested in. I think that’s another reason why I prefer Crawmerax, because figthing through mobs to get to armory doesn’t allow that luxury.

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I definitely prefer craw myself but I enjoy an occasional armory run here and there but it’s just such a long way there. Out of the coupla hundred pearls maybe ten were from the armory. A fast travel would have made a huge difference cause I do love opening gun chests as everyone does I’m pretty sure. The sheer quantity of items from craw kept me coming back for thousands of co op kills for prob two years plus. I don’t have numbers on my armory runs but it’s prob around a hundred fifty if I had to guess.
I did find my best Bessie from the armory and a Serpens I used for a while before craw dropped an upgrade. He also treated me to two invader nemesis’ over the years so I’m biased by that as well. All in all I enjoy both but craw is my most trusted source for all my top loot.


My buddy and I had similar numbers to you in our early days. Prob a hundred kills before our first pearl and after that it was feast or famine it seemed. You will get those two and three pearl sessions that will bring that number down as time goes. We played every Saturday over a two year span pretty much we were so hooked on smacking craw around and looking for perfect weapons. Hell I still play from time to time and talking about it has that old feeling coming back. Might have to go see the old guy sometime soon. :smile:

I’ve been taking screenshots for all pearls I find so let me take a look.

Well, so far I’ve found 33 pearlescents, 30 from Crawmerax, 2 from armory and 1 from lance chest next to Kyros. However for the low amount of armory runs I’ve made is making those 2 armory pearls almost makes it look like pearls might be more common there. Might maybe…

Well my mic sucks and so migth my internet connection, but just for a try there goes my link:

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If I play any in the near future hopefully I’ll have a pearl to post on the item finds of the day thread. Last time I played a little I was finding pearls but parts were killing me. Lol

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It doesn’t have to take long to get to the armoury - just use the Oasis fast travel hub - see my “custom map links HERE!” thread in the BL1 Custom maps section: Borderlands 1 Custom Map Links HERE!

You still have to kill Knoxx though…

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If I were on PC I would have had that a long time ago… Always played on 360 and it’s not that bad getting there but multiple runs gets a little tedious. Anyone on PC with interest in the armory should def check it out though.

I’ve played this game borderline religiously since 2010 and can confidently assure you all that Craw is much better in every aspect. To put it into perspective, I’ve accumulated over 250 Pearls and I’d say only about 25 have come from Lance Chests. I’m also positive that I’ve found more from badass enemies (Drifters included) en route to the Armory and farming Circle of Duty as well.

While Craw does have a slightly higher loot pool or ‘rarity/awesome level’ as it’s known in this game, it’s not significant enough to make a noticeable difference in the drops yielded from both methods. The reason why Craw is so much better is simply because of the time involved and the number of potential drops from each. The Armory spawns between 20-25 Lance Chests which can hold a maximum of 100 guns that could potentially be perfect Legendary or Pearl. However, that number is likely going to be closer to 50 due to the variation of items in each chest. Some have shields, grenade mods, 2 launchers, etc. As for the Red Chests, their loot pool prevents them from spawning Pearls and it’s low enough that it’s often not even possible for them to yield perfect Legendaries due to some of their rarity levels. Now back to Craw:

Craw, on the other hand, drops about 75 items per single-player kill and I’d wager about 40-50 of those items are guns. Y’all should be able to do the math by now and draw your own conclusions. At one point I calculated all of this down to the minute and if I recall correctly, I could drive to the lair and kill him about 5-7 times (I can pull off sub 20 second Craw kills) in the same amount of time it took me to finish an Armory run opening only Lance Chests with the fastest route on a Catalyst Siren. That’s about 300 potential guns at Craw and 50 at the Armory. The Oasis hub dramatically decreases this difference, but Craw is still about 2-3 times faster.

That said, the only time I’d recommend the Armory over Craw is if you’re on a fresh account that doesn’t have gear to kill him or if you’re simply not good enough to manage 2 kills (god help you) in the amount of time it takes you to complete an Armory trip. I go there every now and then whenever I want to farm Ajax on the way, however.

TL;DR? Crawmerax is for the big boys and the cool kid club. Or, ya know, people that actually want to find good stuff.

Hope some of that helped y’all. :smile: I’m down for timing myself again if anyone is interested.


What seems weird to me from your story is the fact that I’ve never found a pearl from badass enemies, yet you claim to have gotten more from badasses than from armory? I mean so far I’ve been under assumption that getting a pearl drop from badass is almost impossible and that it’s more like a myth to me and that it takes to play coop with 4 players to have some tangible chance to encounter them. Well, that’s why it suprises me.

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I’ve gotten at least 2 pearl drops from BA enemies before, so it’s not impossible. That said, I’ve gotten about twice as many as that from the farmory. It’s all anecdotal, so it’ll vary from person to person.


@mlociks, I wasn’t trying to imply that you’re more likely to get them from Badass enemies or Drifters. I’m just saying that I personally have found more from those as a testament to the fact that I don’t even bother with the Armory now. Sorry for the confusion. :slight_smile: I’ve probably gotten around 25-30 from chests and about 30-40 (usually shields) from Badass enemies or Drifters. Of those 30-40 I’m gonna assume about 20 have come from Badass enemies and 10 from Drifters. I know I’ve found at least 3 from the chests outside of the Armory as well.

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So far I’ve gotten about 6 pearlescents, one Jackal, one Tsunami, one Bessie and probably about 3 Jackals, all of them from the armoury and keep in mind I kill like all the enemies on the way once you can get out of your car right before you get to the destroyers and stuff before the entrance, I got a Jackal and a Tsunami in the enhanced edition within like 5 armoury runs of each other, that said the rate is far lower and I got kind of lucky, I’ve only ever gotten them from the armoury, I just got the craw thing down recently so I’ve only done about 15 runs on him, The armoury is nice if you can kill the enemies fast, I had a glitch where knoxx was only like 55 but the armoury was capped which I didn’t know about and I now do.

I’m gonna do craw from now on but Knoxx isn’t too much of a big deal, you can get pestilents from craw that match up will along with a nice damage output mod (do not use crit mods, I found out my 31% damage boost > 79% crit boost) on crits because the corrosive on crits is acid damage, that said I also just found a dope ass combustion helfire in craw and unlike the armoury (now on it’s christmas time) if you fall of the moving platform for the 9 rooms whilst up top, you aren’t then stuck.

I’ve done hundreds of armoury runs, I guess 5 isn’t bad, but I’d prefer more, I think armoury is more likely but takes far longer since you can just leave craw and walk back in, after killing him just go to the red platform and the eridian stone thing has a hard to notice button which teleports you back, leave out the front, go back in, the weapons are still there but craw respawns which let me tell you is so fast. he drops silent night which has 800% crit bonus, fun little unknown secret about the gearbox weapons, weapon boosts do nothing, team bonuses DO more damage, so for example people compare silent night to bessie, bessie with COM does more damage, BUT did you know that with “team critical hit bonus” as with any team mod, the damage bonus applies, at level 69 with a max level silent night and a 75%+ team crit booster (i.e. I use Mordecai) you one shot each of his critical points, making it very fast, and if not just use a masher and it melts him and you barely aim

Are you discussing this in the context of the original game, or the remaster? Only there are some tweaks in the remaster, and this thread has been dormant for three years…

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A bit of both, 2 items from the remaster and 4 from the original, but as far as it goes regardless of the remaster content, I feel like farming him will still be more effective.

After learning to grenadejump over the wall in Armory it gets faster and easier to farm there, for there is no limits to how many repeated runs can be made. (other than the new memory leak in remastered posing as potential problem)

Crawmerax to me crashes upon 8th time reentering his area, so I have to keep making multiple trips.

According on notes I’ve on page right next to me on my desk -
I’ve 38 found pearls from 528 noted Armory runs. That’s 1 pearl per ~14 runs.
From 266 Crawmerax runs just 5 pearls. That’s 1 pearl per ~53 runs.

Yes, drops from Crawmerax have higher quality parts, but rougly half of pearlescent drops from him according to my data are shields, so effective drop rate of interesting pearls drops further in half.

I could try finding all other pages scattered around, and I think I’ve been unlucky at craw drops on this page, but due to other priorities it’s for now not worth my time. Either way I find farming armory easier, faster and yielding more pearls. The single downside is the lower quality of pearls, for it’s rare to find pearl there that’s actually good.


That’s an interesting note, thanks for the heads up, I’m still gonna do craw because after doing nothing but armoury for years I’d prefer something less tedious, you’ve been decently lucky with the armoury, one page said that shields are about half for craw, if not slightly more, but since my goal is a powerful Bessie with as much power as possible craw may be best, I’d rather do a bunch of Craw runs and eventually get a sweet-ass Bessie that cant be beat than maybe get an alright one that I’d still love but keep trying to look for a more powerful one.

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If you exit armory and enter back in, all chests resets(except 3 lance chests at top floor). It helps to skip all of the extra chests and farming just for lance chests. But lerning to grenade jump to get over the wall was pain, took several days practice ot be able to do that somewhat consistently and more so to become able to do it fast.


I don’t know what wall you mean so I’ll have to look it up

Can you do this without Roland? The tutorial says you need roland for super grenade jumps

What’s needed is a longbow grenade, preferably low level so you don’t kill yourself with it.

I once posted video first 2 jumps, because I found easier way to do them and so I wanted for the methods to be known - 1st jump not giving up and continuing to jump if you fail to get on edge cleany, 2nd jump by jumping on the lower ledge rather than aiming to land on the higher beam.

There is still third tricky ledge to clear, to use movement keys in way for character to circle around ledge that otherwise he’d bump his head against by jumping directly.
Then 4th jump to get on on ledge(pillar thing) above doors leading to armory.