Crawmerax vs Bessie

My first attempt at killing Craw with a Bessie. Didn’t start so hot, but it sure ended on a good note.


looks at their Bessie
looks at my Bessie

eternal tears

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I actually don’t know anything about my Bessie, it feels sweet but parts in this game disagree with my capacity for memorization


All things considered, that’s pretty sweet. barrel4(highest damage) is ideal for Bessies, as they have fixed accuracy when scoped in. VRR does lower the damage compared to GGN and DVL, but Bessies could use the faster RoF of VRR. You’ve got the 3 shot mag for increased damage, and Mord can fix that with skills.

Only thing I can actually complain about is the lack of any accessory, but the rest of the gun more than makes up for it!


That’s really good to know. Thanks for being helpful, as always

It’s interesting to me how I totally get the parts in BL2, but I never got that into BL1, so while I get it conceptually, it’s still total gibberish when I read about it.

It’s a good reminder for me that when people unfamiliar with weapon parts are asking for advice in BL2, it’s good to go easy on them.