Craziest thing I've ever seen

So, I should start by saying that I’ve had a lot of crazy things happen to me in this game in my few thousand hours of game time.

I’ve had many raid bosses drop multiple uniques in a single kill for me. I’ve gotten more world drops then I can shake a stick at. Found more pearls in chests then anyone would believe… I’ve even been attacked by 2 chubbies at the same time on 3 separate occasions. Hit double 20’s on the dice chest many times. I’ve even seen the illusive Chubby Midget… But this one really blew my mind…

So I was playing for a bit tonight, just screwing around for the most part and I went to open the train too see what it was going to drop for me today and what do I find inside… 4 legendaries!!!

I was absolutely blown away. I mean, for the most part they weren’t anything I wanted (2 Neogenators, a Berserker COM, and a Storm Front) but still just too see 4 legendaries from 1 chest was staggering.

Now I know this was probably just a product of the buffed drop rates but holy crap it was awesome.

The drop rate increase definitely got me interested in this game again and I’m glad it gave me a shot at one more “Wow moment”. Seriously, kudos on the drop rates Gearbox.


I’m assuming this was solo in your own game. If so, that’s pretty freakin’ sweet! Hope most of them were useful. If it were me, it would have been a Cradle, a WTF, a Gunnerang, and some other legendary I despise.

Unfortunately, I have had that happen before because I was in someone else’s game and they were cheating. Had to take the legendary I picked up in that game and toss it in the fire.

Yeah, it was in a solo game and it was awesome.

Honestly, I’m at the point now where I’m just playing to see what drops. It’s mostly useless to me… But when I’m playing just to see what kind of drops I can get, this is like the holy grail lol.

Drop rates are increased until May 13th. Enjoy 'em whjle they last. :wink:

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Ooohhhh an extra week!

Thanks for the heads up!

That would explain the glut of leggies i got last night / this morning!

Now if only my Flayer would come out of this damn grinder!

May 13th is tomorrow. Are they boosted till tomorrow or a week after tomorrow.

Also awesome find TC. I’ve had 2 from one loot train but 4 is nuts.