Crazy Butt Stallion nade effects

So, in my last Maliwan run (matchmaker with 2 others on PC), which crashed, one of the other players was using the Butt Stallion nade mod and it was generating an insane number of radiating those purple balls and Butt Stallions at the target, so much so that I couldn’t see anything. Is this normal?

Thats funny, i have a new toon who is level 15, i am trying to get him to level 50 before clicking on those to get them at level 50. I was wondering how well those special weapons and grenades from the toy box would do at that level.

Not sure how much damage they were doing, but they were basically game breaking due to the density and size of those balls. Seemed like some sort of glitch rather than the intended effects…

I wasn’t sure if i got my toon to lv 50 those would scale to level 50. I know i got them at level 10, which is what gave me the idea of going for level 50. I hope i am not wasting my time power leveling this guy

In my experience it doesn’t radiate purple balls. Sounds like the Epicenter to me.

hmm… I have used an Epicenter and the balls were similar but they were scaled much larger and the shear number of them continuously spawning was quite overwhelming. I am thinking this was some sort of glitch…

Almost certainly a hacked item.


Since on PC, that is entirely possible

You can redeem them at level 50. I did it on my first toon. I never used any of the special gear though so not sure how it acts.


Thank you mate, i will go ahead and do that now. Even if they suck, i added them to my collection of gear

Hack detected. I tried this grenade long ago and unless it was stealth buffed… xD

I redeemed them at 50 with one of my characters. They were OK, scaled pretty well, but not as powerful as other legendaries I’ve found. The badass combuster shield, in particular, loses a lot of its bonuses, since they only scale up to level 10, so it’s basically just a decent fire nova shield at any level higher than that.
The butt stallion grenade is kinda low damage and the homing effect only triggers when it’s close to an enemy, but it’s still good fun to use. Definitely shouldn’t be firing out purple balls and stuff, though.
I really like the toy guns. The dart gun is super weak but fun and using it to finish off an enemy once you get their health low is great. The hyper hydrator is pretty powerful in squirt mode, but the shock mode is a little underwhelming. They’re more for fun than anything.

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