Crazy Command Ranks

Ok, maybe I’m just a scrub lord, but the amount of 50s and 70s and 90s out there is legitmately terrifying. I’ve been playing quite a bit since launch, but I just now hit Level 30. Do you receive a significantly larger amount XP for winning PvP matches as opposed to losing? I mean, stupid question, but I mean like massively larger. (Yeah, my W/L is probably terrible, and yeah, I’d say 75% of it is my own fault XD). Or do you get bonus XP for maxing out characters, or doing the Story missions on Advanced? I’m at a loss. I feel like I’ve been playing a lot, so these uber high level players baffle me…

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1: Yes you do get XP for maxing out characters and getting various achievements!

2: Yes, you do get more exp on advanced, and even more on hardcore.

3: Some people, do just have no lives. I’ve been playing fairly religiously around my part time job and I’m Command 60, mostly off of PvE, I could easily see someone with no job just cranking out the ranks.

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Hmmmmm I see…welp, since Advanced was just added to the public matchmaking, I think I’m going to be playing the heck out of that. The group I’m with just queued up for Heliophage; I guess they’re all masochists XD

Good luck, if you’re in a party of 5 you’ll need it.

the more poeple you kill in PVP the more xp to

My party of 5 just died during the warlord nix conservator part of the last part of heliophage, we started that part of the battle with nearly 10 lives (advanced of course) first advanced mission I’ve played lol.

Not bad dude, my group didn’t even make it that far XD One of our guys dropped out as soon as the mission started, then another about a minute in. Finally our remaining group of three almost made it the Second shard before we finally ran out of lives. Playing with randoms is a nice feature, if you don’t have any friends who play BB, but its starting to look like a bad idea XD…

…I love how I derailed this topic so quickly…

Eh it happens, derailment that is. I added so many people from the forums and can’t get a group of 5 together to save my life

not all 100’s are scary :smiley:

Just had a game where the opposing team had two level 100s. Needless to say… we lost hard. Though I was no help since I picked Random and it gave me Whiskey Foxtrot, who is hands down my least favorite

Heliophage is one of the easiest advanced missions.

You can only lose by dying. There’s nothing to protect.

…that sounds like something only a 100 would say… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Command Rank doesn’t mean much other than you’ve played the game a lot. There’s no way to know if someone got command rank 100 by playing the game a ton since release or because they go 25-0 every PVP match they play. Best thing to do is ignore command rank and just play the game… One thing people overlook is that high command rank people are often trying new things out, A team may have a fairly high average command rank and they may be amazing with their usual setup, but they could also be trying new characters or new strategies and we all know how that often goes the first time around. Don’t get hung up on this! I agree with many others who have asked for command rank to be removed on the matchmaking screen.


The real problem with heliophage is how the respawn throws you right back into the blender to instantly die again.

But I didn’t know advanced was added to public matches so nice

there’s 3 guys in my friendlist with CR 100. They do play alot (like 120+ hours already) and put that mostly into modes that last long and give huge XP, aka advanced or advanced hc story modes. They enjoy grinding gear boderlands style, but they really are nothing special pvp-wise. I’ve encountered more lvl 15 guys that wrecked matches than I’ve seen 70+ guys doing the same.

take my CR of 57
I played all story modes on normal and all on advanced, this alone puts you quite high if you can slaughter away. After that it was mostly PvP, which are 50% surrenders, 25% stomps and the rest are close matches (win within ~200 points).

I’m mastering my third guy right now, just needs 4 character ranks, and I’m far in other challenges that each give small or big amounts of XP on completion.

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I gotcha. Maybe I just need to keep grinding those story missions. I planning on doing that anyway, to do some legendary farming :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I kept getting matched up with uber high level people, but I’m beginning to think that that has something to do with my ELO rank,as much as anything else :stuck_out_tongue:

Generally when I see people with high command levels I don’t think “Wow, that person is really good!”. I just think “Wow, that person sure has a lot of free time on their hands!”.


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