Crazy earl and eridium

What if he has been taking our eridium and stockpiling it to somehow gain powers and he ends up being a raid boss later


Hahaha, a giant door as a shield as he peek through the slot and shoot lasorz out of his eyes

there’s a reason why crazy earl’s room is locked from the outside >.>

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Given the voice actor, I would enjoy the hell out of that fight. Oh, it would be epic.


I think Earl is the seventh siren



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He just mutates into some giant spider creature, like pennywise with multiple heads and has breath attacks, it all makes sense now

It really does make sense. “War is coming. And you will need all the Vault Hunters you can get”. This warning was about Earl coming to destroy the universe once he collects enough eridium

Well according to Scooter long ago Earl ate one of his runners… with a fork.

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Oh yes…please let Earl the Invincible happen.

Siren… We did get warned, after all, not to find the 8th one.