Crazy Earl's Crazy Store Bug

Joined an on-line co-op session last night and (a) had my skill points respecced (again!) (b) ran into new weirdness at Crazy Earl’s.

Whenever I purchased an item from Ear’s black market store, the item displayed in the store would remain the same rank (e.g. purple) and cost (16 moonstone). If I scrolled to the item below it, the cost would update to the correct new value (in this case 20), but the item colour would not change (remained purple in this instance). I realise now why the very first time I played TPS online co-op I ended up buying everything twice :frowning:

One last thing: the sound effects for opening cash strongboxes, cardboard boxes, and ammo cylinders would always play twice, very slightly out of sync. This didn’t appear to be the case for the larger ammo chests, weapon crates, or the upright lockers.

All in all, a very odd evening…