Crazy interaction between breath of the dying and Amara’s ties that bind

Breath of the dying is nuts on Amara right now. I noticed a grasped grip of enemies would just insta die.

I think what might be happening is … OK when you grasp an enemy with TTB, the damage to the linked enemies is waaay higher due the ricochet skill indiscriminate. When you kill an enemy with breath of the dying they explode into a corrosive nova. So you’re grasping a group of enemies and you shoot the main enemy, all of the linked enemies quickly die from indiscriminate and explode into the corrosive nova which is then linking all that damage back to the first target.

Thoughts? Does this track? If so, I’m surprised I haven’t seen more people talking about this interaction

have you tried to get a terror annointment with the skullswhen she grasps enemies? to addd extra dmg
also taking that one artifact that stacks corrosive dmg when you kill ■■■■
combining that together with 300%/90 OR 500% elemental nova when you hit a crit?

you can propably oneshot anything that exists in this game with that crap

That sounds like what Ties and Indis do with every weapon though.


If you find that interaction crazy, try a complex root with ttb and indiscriminate.
I’m curious what you would think about that interaction. :nerd_face:

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Are we still limited to use a shock only root and the transformer shield to not self nuke?

No you can also use a rad root with urad and a red suit :rofl:

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1k dmg weapons were doing 140k dmg with indiscriminate. Same weapon at m1 doong massively more damage at m10.

I pointed this out but just got screamed at here. I thought indiscrimonate sclaing was unnecessary and trivialized the game.

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