Crazy salvage corvette bug

no mods installed, homeworld 1 remastered, mission 2

it seems that salvage corvettes at certain approach angles will suddenly match the speed of their target and do crazy maneuvers, even managing to capturing scout fighters.

That seems to me to be working as intended.
What’s happening is that once the corvette enters the salvage latch path, (It’s like a docking path.) It’s going to move at the same relative velocity to remain on-track within that path. (Think of the salvager as being attached by an invisible, rigid, docking path that it can’t deviate from once it enters.) If the target ship spins, the salvager is going to swing around at a fast speed because it’s already in the latch path.
This is currently necessary for it to capture ships faster than itself.

In H1C I believe the salvager disabled the engines of the target ship once it got close enough. This prevented things like that. I don’t know if that’s possible here.


I actually like that they can capture just about anything now, give me more RUs for the next mission or more cannon fodder, I personally liked capturing the turanic corvettes as there actually pretty useful throughout the campaign.