Crazy Tank's op8 Gear! (update! 1.1)

for the veruc i have either shock or corrosive


ok whenever your online just let me know and i’ll have them ready


Hi I am using a gunzerker that is op 8 and I want to use him to do solo boss raids but not really sure what get u should use could you give me some ideas how to build a tank gunzeker to kill raid bosses

I recommend consulting The Community Guide to Salvador - All you ever wanted to know and [GUIDE] Top Gear for Salvador . Those should give you an idea of Builds, Skills and Equipment you should / should not be using as Salvador.

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for a gunzerker op8 buid i tend to go for grog or a rubi in your off hand (left hand) then either dpuh or interfacer i like to use and grenades i go for either chain lighting for instant heals or magic missile and if don’t have the TT dlc then any slag dahl nade will work or a strom front

as for skills try to avoid his brawn skill tree they have useless damage reduction in op8

this is my build for my gunzerker:

if you have any more question I’ll be happy to answer them :grin:

Thanks can I add u up and maybe we can get some of the gear I would need to raid

yeah no problem

What parts on banbury pimps?

sorry man just saw my thread i’ll check that out for you i’m also guessing that you send me a friend request

Hi I was wondering if you could trade the coal train,G4 Zero heads and for the skins:flowers on your grave and whiteout my account is NoMoreHeroes75

sure just add me

The corrosive kitten if you still have it
Any bekha if you have any and a carnage
And any sand hawks /pimpernel
Maybe so,e interfacers
I don’t have to have all of the ones I listed but any will be fine.

ok then just add me

It will have to be around 8:00 eastern time tonight but what’s you psn
Also an alkaline bee if you still have one please

My bad man I just re read your op I know your psn.

ok then

Is that a good time for you or is Friday between 5 pm and whatever better

yeah that is fine